Unable to make payment to Google using G-Suite:

G Suite is designed specifically for Work and provides you a professional email, shared calendars, online storage, video meetings and many more. Google apps make teamwork simple and effective. You will be now capable to share documents, spreadsheets and create video conferences with the Hangouts and use quick messaging. You can also share calendars with others and make the meetings simpler to plan. It is ideal for small businesses and provides you with many tools to serve you to succeed. One advantage is that, G Suite consists of some excellent mobile tools. All of the apps are accessible on mobile phones and tablets (iOS and android), along with Mac, Windows and Linux computers.

But, sometimes you get stuck when it refuses to complete the payment. Don’t worry, we are here to provide the reason and resolution of the fail payment. Read the following steps if you are unable to make payment to Google using G-Suite.

First of all, go through the perfect step to avoid the error in the future:

1. Identify the Problem
2. Resolve the Problem
3. Make sure you are using the primary valid form of payment

Identify the Problem

• You can identify your specific billing issue on the Payments page from your Admin Console
• First of all, sign in to your Google Admin Console
• From the Admins Console home page, go to Billing
• Under How you Pay section, look for the reason for your payment was declined

After doing this, the reason for failed payment will display on the screen. Like:

• The account is closed
• Card: Expired
• Card: Expiring soon
• Transaction declined (invalid payment method and low balance)
• I am unable to verify my bank account

We will discuss the resolving method of the most common issue:

The account is closed:

If this error indicates then the problem is with your bank end. To fix this,

• Contact your bank or the credit card company to fix the issue and then make the payment using the same account or card.
• Use a new card or bank account to make a payment
• Use a non-primary or existing bank account or card to make a payment.

If you need any guidance regarding these issues then, it is advisable to get connected to the Gmail experts at Gmail Helpdesk UK. Here, you will get instant help.

Transaction declined (invalid payment method and low balance):

If the failed transaction occurs due to an invalid payment method or low balance then, it is advisable to,

Check the payment method details which you have entered and if required then, contact your bank or the credit card company to troubleshoot the error. After that, make a payment using the same card or account. After resolving the issue,

• At the top of the Payments page, click on Pay Now in the alert section.
• If there are so many alerts showing then, click on down arrow to view the specific alert
• On the ‘Make a payment’ screen, update the payment details as required
• Now, click on make a payment and re-check the payment details and then click on Confirm > Got it.

Card: Expired:

If this error is appearing on the screen then,

• Update the expired card and then make payment. If you are updating an expired card that is not your primary payment way then, follow the given steps in the ‘Card Expiring soon’ instead.
• At the top of the Payment page, click on Now in the alert
• If you find various alerts then click on the down arrow to choose the specific alert
• On the ‘Make a Payment’ screen, update the card expiration date and verification code, i.e. CVC
• After that, click on Make a payment and then,
• Make sure that the entered payment details are correct and then click on Confirm to complete the process.

Well, these are some reasons for the failed payment of G suite along with their resolutions. If you are facing any other issue or fail to do these steps then contact Gmail Support UK for instant and reliable help. You will get help from the technical experts in the shortest time frame.