What is the procedure to fix some issues with Gmail?

Gmail along with its features and outstanding performance comes with some issues or errors. In this guide, we will discuss some common issues and their resolutions so that you can enjoy the flawless experience of Gmail, the best email service. You can get in touch with the technical teams to get your issues resolved in the shortest time frame.


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Forgot Your Username or Password:

If you can’t access your Gmail account because you are not able to remember your login info then, Gmail’s account recovery feature helps you to get back into your email.

• Go to the Sign-in page and click on Forgot Email
• Enter the phone number linked with your Gmail account or enter the alternate email address which you entered when you created your Gmail account and click on the Next
• Type in your first and last name and then click on Next
• Click on Send to allow the Google to send a verification code to the email address or phone number you provided
• Enter the verification code after you receive it and then, click on Next
• Now, click on the account name provided to log in and click on Forgot Password if you are unable to remember the password for this account
• Enter the password you remember using and then follow the prompts. Click on ‘Try Another Way’ if you cannot remember any passwords linked with the Gmail account
• Enter the phone number linked with the account to receive a verification code
• Now, enter the verification code when you receive it and click on Next
• In the end, create a new password for the Gmail account and then log in to your account

Gmail Account Hacked:

If you get unfamiliar activity sign in your email account or continuously have an issue with login, you have to take steps to save it right away, as someone may have hacked your Gmail.

Settings and actions include:

• Changes to settings like mail delegation, forwarding, and automatic replies
• Contacts while alerting you that they received spam from your Gmail account
• Emails that have been deleted strangely
• Blocked email addresses or filters which you didn’t setup

To get it resolved, follow the given procedures:

• G to the Google Account Security Page and then, login if asked
• Click on Recent Security Events and check for suspicious activity
• Then, click on ‘No It Wasn’t Me’ if you see any activity which you haven’t conducted. Follow the steps that are provided to keep your account safe and secure
• Click on Your Devices and click on Don’t Recognize a Device? If you noticed that any device listed that isn’t your own and has logged in to your Google account. Follow the methods to secure your account.

Getting an Error Message:

Gmail error messages serve its best to identify the issues so that you can fix it immediately. If you are receiving a ‘Bad Request’ or ‘Oops’ error message while working on Gmail then, follow the given fixing steps.

• Make sure you are using Gmail with a supported and trusted web browser. Gmail works best when used in the most recent version of the following browsers.
• Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge
• Gmail should work properly with most iOS and Android browsers. If not then try to download chrome to your mobile device
• Turn off any browser extensions or add-ons on a temporary basis to see if they are interrupting with Gmail. You can use the Browser’s private browsing mode to open Gmail with no extensions running.
• If Gmail works properly without any extensions running and enable them one at a time to check the main culprit
• Now, clear your web browser cache and cookies and go to Google to open Gmail with no labs. If you are testing any experimental features in Gmail then they could be causing messages in Gmail for error.
• Visit the G Suite Status Dashboard to get more about any known errors Gmail is currently experiencing

By following these steps, you can easily fix the given issues. But, if you are still facing these issues or are stuck with any other error then get in touch with the Gmail technical experts for instant help.for instant and reliable help, just call on Gmail Support UK. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can. The technicians are known for providing friendly support to you.