What is the procedure to recover Forgotten Gmail Password?

As we all know, Gmail has become one of the best email services around the nation. It comes with outstanding features that make it the best email services in term of immediate communication and privacy. But, most of the services have ways to access your account when your password slips from your mind. It includes Gmail, helps you through a validation process to set a new password and recover access to the account.

In this post, we will focus the procedure to recover Forgotten Gmail Password:

Before moving ahead, it is advisable to conduct this procedure by using a trusted device from which you already have signed in your Gmail account. A new device for recovering process might not work due to security purpose. Now, let’s start the recovery procedure and read this post carefully to avoid any glitches. Make sure that you are using strong internet connection for the fast recovery.

• First of all, make sure that you either have a secondary email address identified for your Gmail account or haven’t logged into your Gmail account for almost five days
• See on the Gmail screen for a message “Select password” click on it

Check the reason for account suspension:
• Sign in to your Google Admin Console by using the administrator account
• If you see a message that your account is suspended

(On the account recovery Screen, enter your full Gmail email address if asked and then select ‘Next’)
(Gmail will now ask a few questions to establish you as the holder of the account)

• For every question, enter your answer and then select ‘Next’. If you don’t know the answer then select ‘Try another way’.
• When you verified as account holder the Gmail will log into the account. If you want to change password, follow the Change Password link

Here, is the list of questions which Google will ask while Password recovery:

• A previous password: You can enter any previous password which you’ve remembered
• Verification using a code: Depending on the verification steps which you have previously set up for two-factor authentication so that you can get code from:

1. An email message received from Google
2. An SMS text message received from Google
3. Printer back-up Codes

• A Security question for Gmail password recovery: When asked, type the answer to your recovery question
• A secondary email address for Gmail Account recovery: To recover the password on your Google Account, follow the link that comes with a message sent by Google to the alternate email address.
• When you set up the account: Enter the year and month when you have created the Gmail account

This is an excellent way through which you can easily recover the forgotten password. If you are facing any issue while doing this then get connected with technical experts at Gmail Support UK. Here, you will get all your answer and resolution of queries and issues.