Why one should move their business Email to G suite?

If you prefer a free Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo email account for business then chances are your email looks like business@gmail.com or name.mybusiness@gmail.com. How long until you want your business email that is collaborated with your company and name to look something like professional. Your business is achieving traction and you have a reputation to uphold it. Now the majority of using G suite is increasing day by day and the more wants to do business with a company that uses a reliable business email address that more companies are not doing. G suite is clean, professional and it also shows how you treat your business.

Here are some reasons that one should move their business Email to G Suite:

Email Account Ownership:

Your company owns all employee email accounts and your employees don’t get them owned. Within G Suite administration, if someone leaves the organization you can quickly change the password of the person and forward an email that is sent to their address to someone else. You can also access all of the email histories of that person.

Document Sharing:

It is quite convenient and easy to share documents with your team when you are all on a similar G Suite account. Like, if you wanted to provide view-only access to a Google Doc for employees then that can be proficient with just a few clicks.

Group Email Addresses:

You can easily route emails sent to the support@abbottsolar.com address to different people or to a customer service system like Freshdesk, Zendesk or Salesforce

Capable to Use Outlook as on Email Client:

For those employees who persist on using Google or Outlook provides G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Extra File Storage:

The given storage for free Gmail accounts is 15GB. For G Suite Basic, it is about 30GB per user. There are various options to increase and enhance the storage beyond the 30GB per user. G Suite Business comprises Shared drives that provide business a lot more organizational control over file sharing.

Integration with Any Device:

G Suite is responsive and can be operated on any operating system or device. G Suite is manageable on tablets, smartphones, laptops, iPads, and desktops.

Increased Agility:

It has a normal process and it also serves a company to economically collaborate with all the team members. This helps to make efficiencies in workflows. It has a perceptive user interface that helps the team members to easily collaborate and deliver work faster. The G Suite applications can be available anywhere and from iOS and Android devices. It also has various reasonable plans that meet the companies’ demands.

CRM Integration:

At some point, you might decide to spend in a CRM system to excellent track leads, customers, prospects, jobs and more. Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Google Sheets can all be integrated with the salesforce. In addition, there are a variety of other CRM systems that integrate with Gmail.

Innovative Solutions:

This platform comes with various advanced tools to help the teams to easily team up and bring innovations in the working pattern. As we already discussed, G Suite has easy-to-use tools that can provide solid results.

Audit and Security Controls:

This platform comes with advanced auditing and a security platform that helps a business to get reports and information required managing security threats or issues. The above-mentioned features can save time on detecting security errors. The security tools of this application help to prevent a company to invest in various old and obsolete security tools.

So there are also so many benefits that consider the fact to move your business email to G Suite and if you need any help then get connected with the experts for instant solution. The teams are always available there to help you in any manner they can.