How should I access Dropbox from the Gmail service?

Gmail users are very much satisfied with the exciting features that it offers. They can attach Dropbox files to the Gmail messages and can save attachments to Dropbox. One can easily connect both accounts using the Add-on. We will be discussing the detail of this relation that Gmail and Dropbox have. Also, you can know the exact way to access Dropbox from the Gmail service and for that, move ahead.

Account admin can enable this Add-on for the whole team from within the Admin Console. You have the facility to share the Dropbox files through the Gmail account directly. Also, the facility to save attachments from Gmail directly to the dropbox account is possible with this setting.

How should I access Dropbox from the Gmail service?

Ways to get Dropbox for Gmail

• First and foremost, open Gmail on the Web and click on “Settings”
• Choose “Get Add-ons” from the appeared menu
• Enter “Dropbox for Gmail” in the search box and click on “Install”
• Choose the account which you have to use and then, accept the permissions

You also can find it by visiting the GSuite Marketplace and downloading it from there only

Using DropBox from Gmail

When the add-on installation is all set, go to the email conversation with the attachment and activate Dropbox. If you didn’t do this yet then, it seems that the installation is incomplete as you won’t be able to see the Dropbox icon. It will not appear unless you open an email for it to scan.

• Click on the icon that appears in the small column on the right side of the screen
• Go to the attachment in the Dropbox window and save the document. Only opening sidebar won’t do that
• You can locate through the Dropbox folders and choose the folder where you have to store the file and click on Save
• This screen will allow you to know if the file is saved

The first time when you open an email with the attachment and click on the Dropbox icon, it will open a window. This window is ideal for you to connect the account and create a new one.

Ways to save attachments of Gmail to Dropbox

Save a Gmail attachment to Dropbox and for that, you have to download the attachment to your PC from Gmail

There you have to find the file in the “Downloads” folder on the PC. Then, add the file to the Dropbox account or the desktop app on the PC

Tricks to share Dropbox Documents

The new add-on makes it simple to share and for that-

• Open Dropbox on the trusted browser and click on the three dots that appear in the top-right corner of the open sidebar
• After that, select the “Open Dropbox” and choose the file which you have to share
• If you want to send the document via email to a colleague or friend then, enter the email address in the correct box
• To send a link through email, press the option to create a link and copy it. Then, add it to an email


The Dropbox add-on allows the users to save and share big or small files that include videos, photos, docs, presentations, and project work without quitting Gmail. Now you can attach the f9iles from Dropbox while composing an email

Work Unlimited

Never fill up the inbox or do anything to worry about the attachment size limits. You can save all of the attached files to Dropbox and share Dropbox folders and files without quitting Gmail.

Stay in Synchronizing

Just arrange your files together in one specific place and then, you don’t have to go anywhere to search apps

Nothing to worry about updating email threats all the time when files change. Dropbox links point to the advanced version, by keeping on the same page.

Get-Up and Running

G Suite team admin has the capability to install the add-on for the whole team with just one click. It easily can manage the access, visibility, and download the permission for each folder, link, and file you share.

Use on Mobile and Web

Use the Dropbox add-on with any browser and Gmail apps as well for both iOS and Android. With Dropbox, all of the files are synchronized automatically across the devices and available whenever you want them.

These procedures can access Dropbox from Gmail Customer service and it is advisable to do this to enjoy a fast service. Good network connectivity will work fantastically to do so.