What are the best add-ons for Gmail in 2022?

Google has added a panel to the side of Gmail. This icons row is simple to overlook, but you shouldn’t. clicking one of the icons opens a sidebar, and this sidebar is the place where Gmail add-ons live. Basically, Gmail add-ons help to enhance the functionality of Gmail. They can easily be installed from the Workspace and Web Store of the Google service and it also helps to boost the level of email productivity. Because deciding the appropriate Gmail add-on can be tough so, we will discuss the best add-ons for Gmail in 2022.

Introduction to Gmail Add-On

Gmail Add-on is the tool that you can integrate into Gmail to boost the functionality of the email service. You will need to move ahead with a few add-ons which you can enable to use it.

What are the best add-ons for Gmail in 2022?

1. GMass: Gmail Merge

GMasshas become one of the best effective email outreach and marketing automation tool. This tool is ideally used by powerhousesemployees. This is the perfect tool for startups, solopreneurs, SMBs, and for more of those who use Gmail.

GMassis not only known as the best and efficient add-on for the Android Gmail app but, it also is best for the Chrome extension.

2. Gmail Evernote

The Evernote Gmail add-on helps to keep track of important email messages. This Google add-on will allow you to save precious attachments and content from emails to the Evernote Notebook, so they don’t go anywhere in the shuffle.

Gmail Evernote Features

• Share notes with teammates and colleagues with just one-click
• Keep track of important messages
• Access the saved messages in Evernote desktop or Mobile app

3. Wrike for the Service of Gmail

Wrike Gmail add-on helps to provide project management capabilities that you can control from the Gmail inbox.

Features of Wrike

• One can easily create Wrike tasks in Gmail and assign them to the team members
• Make changes to the recent task linked with the email notifications of Wrike
• View task information like images and rich text formatting

4. Smartsheet For Gmail

Smartsheet is a popular collaboration and management tool and has a Gmail add-on that you can use to keep track of emails and spreadsheets.

Smartsheet Features

• Add multiple email attachments to sheets directly from the Gmail service
• Add whole emails as comments to existing and new sheets to provide context
• Import Google contacts from Gmail to Smartsheet account

5. Mailtrack for Service of Gmail

Mailtrack Google Workspace add-on helps you to track emails with the Gmail compatible tracking pixel system. The tracking pixel is a small image added to emails that help to track open email.

Gmail Mailtrack Features

• Receive real-time notifications about the email that opens
• Change Gmail into group email sending tool with the Mailtrack Campaign
• Manage mailing lists in Gmail by creating the list

6. Gmail Add-on DocuSign

DocuSign provides a Google Workspace add-on that allows you to sign agreements and documents electronically. Collaborating third-party add-ons like this one with Gmail makes it simple to sign binding docs legally by using the device.

DocuSign Features

• Use the collaborated workflows between Google and DocuSign for enhanced effectiveness
• Send documents in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs apps for e-signature
• Allow accessing free features such as document routing, eSignature, mobile app access

7. Sortd Add-Ons for Gmail

Sortd is the CRM and project management add-on that is known for its best service. This add-on helps to organize emails and workflows from the Google or Gmail account.

Sortd Features

• Deal with hiring procedure management and applicant tracking from Gmail inbox
• Easily manage streamlined and remote workflows
• Compatible with event and registration management from the inbox

8. Gmail Trello Add-On

Trello is a famous productivity management tool. This add-on connects the Trello boards with the Gmail inbox. It allows you to change Gmail emails into actionable tasks.

Features of Trello

• Add subject lines automatically as card titles and email bodies as the description of the card
• Change emails into the do’s with Trello with just one click
• Send messages-turned-action items to the boards of Trello and future reference lists

9. Gmail Todoist Add On

The Todoist Add-on of Gmail service helps to declutter the Gmail Inbox and sort the important and unessential emails. It completes the tasks from within the Gmail mobile and desktop app.

Features of Todoist

• Capture and organize tasks in Gmail mailbox without any hassle
• Integrate with teams on projects by the tasks assignments to others
• Schedule recurring pending dates for repeating tasks

These are a few add-ons of Gmail that allow you to use Gmail without any issue. You can contact Gmail UK for any help regarding the issue if you are going through it. Whether you want to use the extension of Add-ons, it is not that much tough. But the main thing is that you must know the exact steps to do so. A single mistake in any of the procedures will ruin everything. Follow the steps very carefully and enjoy Gmail add-ons that suit You.