How to restore and edit backup contacts on Google?

Google contacts are designed specifically to backup contacts that are stored on their SIM card or phone. If someone has lost their phone or wants to buy a new phone then, they easily can restore these contacts on the new phone. Now, if the user wants to get the contacts that are saved to the Google Account then, there are some simple steps that they should know.

Why Google Contacts is necessary?

Losing a phone is really stressful but just imagine, if someone loses the contacts too. Asking for work contacts for the email address and other contact details again and never know that who is texting you. These can happen if you didn’t save your contacts to Google contacts. This is the reason that one should back up the contacts, and Google Contacts is an ideal place for that. Let’s move ahead with the ways to restore and edit backup contacts on Google in a few steps.

How to restore and edit backup contacts on Google?

You have the option to backup the contacts to Google on iOS and Android, or restore them for the vCard or CSV file. Make sure to enable the backup Google Drive and also check that the Contacts have been backed up recently.

How to restore backup contacts on Google?

If you have lost your phone or replaced your current phone then, you will need to restore backup contacts on Google and for that, you have to move ahead with a few steps given below.

• First of all, all you have to do is to open the Settings app on your phone
• After that, navigate Google and tap on it
• There you have to tap on Restore Contacts appears under “Services”
• If you have multiple Google Accounts to select the contacts of the account to restore and hence, you will need to tap on the From account
• There you have to tap on the phone with the contacts to copy them
• If you don’t want to copy hose contacts from the phone storage or SIM card, all you have to do is to turn off the Device storage or SIM Card
• Now, tap on Restore and then wait unless you see “Contacts restored”

To avoid duplicates, the phone will restore only contacts which it doesn’t have and this is really interesting. The restored contacts will synchronize to the current Google Account and other devices as well.

Can I export contacts saved on Google?

It is very easy to export contacts that are saved on Google and for that; you will need to follow a few steps which are mentioned below-

• Open the Contacts app on the Android phone or tablet
• Tap on the menu and then Settings and then choose Export
• Then, you have to select one or more accounts to export contacts
• Here, you have to tap on Export to .VCF file and you are all set

How to synchronize and backup contacts?

To backup and synchronize contacts to all devices, it is advisable to save the device contacts as Google Contacts. Google contacts are available all across the Google service and it can be only managed on the signed-in device. If the main device is damaged or lost then, the contacts can synchronize to a new device automatically when you are signed into a new device.

One can easily backup and synchronize device contacts by saving them as the Google contacts and for that-


• Open the “Settings” app on the Android tablet or Phone
• Tap on Google and go to Settings for Google apps and Google contacts sync and also sync device contacts
• Go to the option which says ‘Automatically backup and synchronize’ the device contacts
• Turn on ‘Automatically backup and synchronize’ for keeping the device contacts safe
• Choose the account which you have to save and the contacts can be only saved to one Google Account automatically


When you set up the Google account on your phone, you will be asked to backup your data. To change this setting, you have to-

• Go to the phone Settings app
• There, tap on the System and Backup
• Turn the Backup to Google Drive on

Wrap Up

These are a few steps that will help customize settings and manage backup contacts on Google. Turn the synchronize option on to get saved contact on every device. Google Contacts is the only place where one can keep their contacts completely secured from loss.