Can I change color of my Gmail interface?

If you are looking around for an option to exchange your emails, in the world of the internet and you are all confused, then Gmail can be your undisputed choice for that there can be nothing as promising as Gmail, as it has always proved out being the best choice for the user in every aspect, it is easy to use even easier to understand other than that it is also very much safe and secure for the use.

Also, Gmail is not just limited to the simple exchange of email messages there are many other features also that are associated with the use of the service, which further makes it attractive for the users. Answering the given question one can say that yes it is possible to vchange color in the Gmail interface but in the world of Gmail the interface color is more popularly known as Gmail theme, here we will see two different procedures through which the user shall be able to get theme color changed.

Can I change color of my Gmail interface?

Searching and applying an existing Gmail theme:

If the user needs to change the Gmail theme to an existing one, the user will have to conduct the given steps:

• The user should click on the settings icon in the main Gmail screen
• From the drop-down menu the user should choose themes
• The themes will then be displayed on the screen
• From those options, the user can look for a theme of choice
• After selecting the theme of choice the user should click on the Save button

However, the user can also get it done through other personal themes as well, for that the user should follow the given steps.

If this has to be done the user will have to conduct the given steps:

• On the main Gmail screen, the user should click on the settings icon in the upper right corner
• After that from themes, the user should choose a photo
• The user can choose the photo from the gallery of computer
• After that, should click image that has to be used next the user should click on “open button”
• Other than changing the theme image, the user can also get the text changed as per the requirement, other than this the user can also get the Gmail interface changed to the dark theme as per the requirement. It is mostly the dark theme that is taken into use by people while they use the Gmail service.

So, these are all the changes that the user can make in the Gmail color interface, if other than this the user has to know more than should get to the team of trained and certified Gmail experts, they are available for the required help at Gmail Toll Free Number UK.

The experts can also be asked for the required help through live chats and emails, there is no such issue that the experts may fail to fix. Also, the users would be getting the most instant and accurate solution for not just the issue related to Gmail but for other issues as well. The other issues related to Gmail can be of login or they can be any other problem related to the service, such as it can be any error code or some other issue. There is no such issue related to the software program that the user may fail to resolve lines are kept open for the users always the users are free to go to the team of technicians as per their own comfort zone as they feel like it.