Can I create a calendar event from email on Gmail?

Gmail is leading the market of information technology for a long time; there are so many email services that can be sued for the exchange of emails and for the purpose of communication, but even after that it is Gmail that is given preference by most of the people for their professional and personal communication. It is so because Gmail is, one such service that has now gone beyond being a tool of communication for people there are many more features and applications that have been added to Gmail for providing a better-using experience to people.

The most useful thing in Gmail is Google calendar, well yes you are rightly thinking at your end that Google calendar is a calendar application that has been designed and developed by Google and Gmail is a different service from Google that helps in communicating with people around the globe. But, both of these come from the same IT giant that is Google so they are made capable of working hand in hand for the ease and comfort of the users.

From the emails received in Gmail, the user can easily create an event in Google calendar that will further help the person in remembering the date of any important event. So, here in this guide, we will further see in detail how the user can get an event created in Google calendar from a Gmail Email message.

Can I create a calendar event from email on Gmail?

Creating Google Calendar event from Gmail in browser

In order to get a Google calendar event crated from Gmail in browser the user will have to follow the given steps:

• The user should open the message on Gmail and should click on the three-dot icon in the toolbar.
• If the Gmail keyboard shortcuts are enabled then the user can press the period key as well
• For opening a Google calendar screen the user should choose “create event”
• Google calendar will then populate the name of the events with the subject line of the Email and the description area of the email body content.
• In the given area the user should make all the required changes
• After that, the user should choose a date, start time, and end time
• If it is a regular interval event or an all-day event then the user should also make the needed changes according to that.
• Further, the user should add the location for the event
• A notification should be set for reminding about the event
• There should be a color set to indicate free for the busy schedule during the event
• The event should be saved by pressing the save button

Adding Gmail events automatically to Google Calendar using the mobile application:

In order to get this done the user will have to follow the steps given below:

• On the device open the Google calendar application
• Next, the user should expand the menu icon given at the top of the screen and next should click on “settings”
• After that, the user should click “events from Gmail”
• A screen with Google login information will appear also there will be a toggle switch against each event to turn off or to turn on

So, this is how one can get a calendar event created from email on Gmail, creating events on Gmail through Google calendar is really a boon for all those who have busy work schedules or are in the habit of forgetting important days and events.

If required then for more help over this process or over any other process related to the Gmail email service the user should get in touch with the team of technicians at Gmail Customer Care Number UK. Also, the option of live chats and emails is open for the users all the time so the users can go to the experts, as per their own comfort.