Can I disable Gmail smart features?

Gmail is one such email service that needs no introduction people, are already very well familiar with the service, moreover, there are many reasons because of which, the Gmail email service is popular among people over other email services, Gmail is very easy and smooth in its workings through both the browser as well as the Gmail application.

Yes, you read it right Gmail does have an application also designed for people who wish to use Gmail through an android device or through Mac or some other IOS device, just like this there are many other facts and features associated with the Gmail service that make it popular among people for their mail related needs. But for those who do not have enough technical knowledge understanding and then using the service in the right manner often becomes a problem for them, they are even seen stuck with the basic Gmail procedures. Here, in the blog, we will discuss, about disabling Gmail smart features.

Can I disable Gmail smart features?

Well, the smart features introduced by Google in Gmail Email service are really very helpful for people, but there have been complaints that these features do steal the basic private information of people and then all of that information is sold by Google to various advertising websites, this seemed to be a security breach in the privacy of people, so it became a big question mark on the security and privacy policies of Google.

So, in order to put all of this heated debate or confusion to an end, Google further updated Gmail in a way that the users can now turn off all its smart features if they feel that using them can be a threat to their security or privacy. But the exact procedure of getting it done is not known to people, so here, in the guide, we will see the exact procedure through which people would be able to get the features disabled or turned off.

The Gmail smart features include the following:

• Smart Compose
• Smart Reply
• Smart compose personalization
• Nudges

Though they can really be very helpful for users but still if they wish to get these features turned off due to any reason then, for that, they should move to Gmail settings.

There they should follow the given steps:

• The user should open Gmail
• Next, should visit settings
• Then from the general section, the user can get all the options turned off

This is how the user can turn off or disable smart features in Gmail, for knowing more, in relation to this the user can get in touch with the team of experts at Gmail support number UK, also they can be connected for required help through the option of live chat and emails, not just with the smart features the experts are well capable of handling other Gmail related issues and errors as well. The users can be sure of getting then and there, solutions for all possible Gmail-related issues and errors, and they can thus keep the smooth workings of the service well maintained.