Can I link the work account to the Gmail Account?

Gmail has so many excellent features that allow you to keep your emailing experience fantastic all the time. Linking the work email account available in the Gmail account for making the task simple and because of the user-friendly settings in Gmail, it has become more easy. Gmail also provides the capability of filtering and simple way to set up on Smartphones than the accounts which use standard POP and IMAP or Exchange.

When you link the work email to Gmail, all of the emails will router via the Gmail account and it will be marked as initiating from the account of work. You also will have the ability to reply with the same email hence, the recipients won’t be in knowledge that the email was sent through Gmail.

Can I link the work account to the Gmail Account?

Quick Way to Setup Gmail Account

To set up your Gmail account using your business email, you should have the email account that is created in the Control Panel. You will need to have the following information when following the step-by-step instructions which are given below. Before that, you must have to follow the few required information mentioned below:

Required Information-

Username: (email address)

Password: Use whatever password you were assigned

POP Server: (replace with domain name)

SMTP Server: (replace with domain name)

Follow the below-given steps to set up your work account to Gmail account-

• First of all, login to your Gmail account, and for that, go to “Account Settings” which appears in the upper-right corner of the screen
• Now, go to the “Accounts and Import” and click on the “Add a POP3 Account”. This is the page that appears midway down
• Enter the email you want to check through Gmail. After clicking on “Next”, you will see a window will appear that asks for the username, password, and POP3 server
• Check the box “Leave a copy of the recovered message on the server” and if you want to always have a copy of the emails on your work server
• After that, check the box “Label incoming messages” if you want all of the work emails to have a unique label that recognizes them quickly as originating from the work emai
l • Then, click on “Next” and a window will appear prompts if you want to send messages using the work email
• When you are done then, click on the box that says “Yes, I want to be able to send email from” and the next prompt will ask for the name which you want to appear when you send an email and click on “Next”
• You have now two options in which first will ask, you could route through the Gmail servers and if you choose this then, all you will need to send verification and then, you will need to enter the code and the setup will be now finished.
• Because this is a work email then, all you need to do is to send using your work domain servers. If you chose to send via the work domain server, then you will need to enter the SMTP server and port number for the work email
• After that, enter the username and password for the work email and choose either TSL or SSL for the safe and secured connection. If the TSL doesn’t work then, all you need to try the SSL, and some of the server connections don’t support TSL. There you have to choose “Add Account”

When the authentication is checked, you will receive a verification code to the work email. All you need to do is to sign in to your work email and retrieve the code. Now, you should enter the code into the settings of Gmail. You have to make sure that you have chosen the option to “Reply from the same address the email was actually sent to” under the “Import and Accounts” tab of the Gmail settings

You are all done with the exact ways to link your work account to your Gmail Account. You will need to call on Gmail Customer Care Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any assistance. They have experience in dealing with Gmail-related errors and issues so they will help you out.