Can I Send Personalized Emails with Merge Gmail?

Mail Merge for Gmail will help you to send personalized emails to one or more email recipients. You easily can write a single draft email in the most popular email service Gmail, you have to specify the email recipients list in a Google Sheet and after that, the Mail Merge program will send the personalized email automatically to all of the mentioned addresses in a single click.

Gmail has become one of the most used email services across the world because of its exciting features in which Merge Gmail is one of them. This email service has some more exciting features that will allow you to send emails more easily. You can easily send Personalized Emails with Merge Gmail. You can enter different file attachments from Google Drive for every recipient, the emails can be entered in plain text or formatted in the rich text HTML.

The opened email can be tracked therefore you will easily know if there is an email that has been read. You can also schedule merges and then, send your emails later at the preferred date and hour.

Can I Send Personalized Emails with Merge Gmail?

Create a Mail Merge Using Gmail

Just simplify the producing process of visually rich mail merges by using Gmail and integrating it with the data from Google Sheets. With this step, you can automatically colonize an email template that is created as a Gmail draft with the data from the Google Sheet. You will keep in mind that the Merged mail will be sent from the Gmail account allows you to respond to recipient replies.

• First of all, you will need to create a sample Gmail/Sheet Mail Merge spreadsheet copy • Install the update the Recipients column with the email id of Gmail which you would like to use in the mail merge
• You will need to create a draft email in the Gmail account using the markers such as the First name that actually correspond to the names of the column and indicate the text which you like to be replaced with copied data from the spreadsheet
• In the spreadsheet copied, you have to click on the custom menu item Mail Merge and Send Emails and then, a dialog box will appear to tell you that there is authentication of the script is a must. You will need to read the authorization notice and then, continue

When you will be asked to enter the subject line used in the draft section of the Gmail message you have to click on Ok and then the sent column will update with the message status

Quick-step to Mail Merge in Gmail

To get started with it, you have to install Mail Merge for Gmail and you can add the merge add-on in your own Google Account or, if you are the admin of G suite then, you will be permitted to install Mail Merge for all users in the domain of G Suite.

When the add-on is installed then, follow these steps to get started

• First of all, go to the Google Spreadsheet then, click on the Add-ons menu and then you will see a new menu known as Mail merge with Attachments
• Click on the Create Merge Template menu to clone the blank mail merge template in the Google Spreadsheet and it contains the mandatory columns such as First Name and Email Address but you can easily add more columns
• After that, go to the Import Google Contacts menu to get any existing contact groups from the Mail Merge Google Contacts. It saves time but you also can write manually first name, email addresses, and other details of the Mail Merge sheet
• For adding unique attachments for the recipients, you will need to add them in the File Attachments section. Move to Google Drive and right-click on the file and select to Get Link to copy the URL of that file which can enter into the sheet.
• You also are permitted to include multiple files but make sure to separate the file URLs by comma to avoid any issue
• It will send all emails quickly after running mail merge. You also have an option to schedule emails and the program will send them automatically. For scheduling an email, go to the Scheduled Date column and enter the date and time if you want to schedule that email

Well, the procedure is quite easy but, if you aren’t able to do so, then you should contact Gmail Customer Helpline Number UK to get an instant and reliable assistance. The technical experts will guide for the same.