How can I enable Less Secure Apps in Gmail?

Google might block sign-in attempts from the devices or apps which don’t use advanced and robust security standards. Because these devices and apps are simpler to break into so blocking them will help to keep the account safe and secure.

Turn on the Less Secure Apps Access on Google Account

You easily can enable less secure apps access on Google Account and for that, you have to-

• Visit the and login to your Google Account
• Click on the Security menu item that appears on the left and scrolls down
• Click on Turn on access link appears under the section Less Secure App Gmail
• After that, turn on the toggle Allow Less Secure apps
• Navigate back arrow to check if Allow less secure apps has been turned on
• The user is now allowed to access to their Gmail account in the Python code

How can I enable Less Secure Apps in Gmail?

But this action isn’t suggested from the Google end because of security risk of Gmail account. so, it is recommended to turn it off to keep your Google account more secure.

Post Step after Allowing Less Secure Apps on Gmail

In some cases, allowing LSAs won’t be that much enough to log in with one of the below-given apps. If the account has two-step verification and it is enabled then, you have to follow the below-given steps-

• Login to your Gmail account and go to the Google Account Settings
• Click on the Security tab and choose “App Passwords" under the “Signing to Google” page
• After that, go to Select App and choose which you are using. After that, choose Select Device and choose the device which you are using
• Choose Generate and follow the prompts and enter your password. The password will then appear in 16 character code in the yellow bar on the device
• When you have entered the password you will need to click on Done and you are all set
• Just like that, you will need to enter the App Password one or two times for a device

By default, Google uses an authentication protocol known as OAuth when you sign in with OAuth, you will need to sign in to the system of Google. This is true even if you sign for the third-party app. With an appropriate OAuth implementation, the app will redirect you to the sign-in page of Google. You never can use the password in the place the app can check directly.

The necessity of turning Less Secure Apps on in Gmail

• After signing in, Google will offer you a special OAuth token and the app can validate and trust from the token that you have successfully signed in. There are various reasons and this is important as it-
• Control the login form to monitor and limit the attacks trying to discover passwords through so many login attempts
• Monitoring login form also allows Google to keep you protected against a malicious or incompetent app that might not deal the password in the appropriate way
• By tracking tokens, Google will allow you to revoke the tokens for the compromised apps or devices

Why I am not able to Allow the Less Secure Apps option?

There might be instances when you won’t be able to Allow Less Secure Apps option on your device and for that, have a look at the below-mentioned steps-

• If there is no such ‘Less Secure App Access’ section on the Security page then, there might be chances that you have turned the Two-Step verification on
• You can either disable Two-Step verification to fix this error or can create an app password for that certain app and then the less secure app can access Gmail Account
• Access your Google account and after that, you will need to click on the Security link from left side
• On the “Signing in to Google” section, you will need to click on the ‘App Passwords’ arrow
• It will open the App Passwords page and choose Mail on the Select app drop-down list
• You can choose the device from the drop-down list of the section. Create your own app password by choosing Other
• Click on Generate option to create the app password and it will notify the Generated app password prompt to display the app password and the usage

Follow the given steps to enable Less Secure Apps in Gmail and in case, if an error occurs while doing this then, you should try the given steps to fix it.