Can I easily cancel my G suite admin console?

Before canceling your G Suite account, the user should move all of the data to a trusted service like MS 365 Business Standard. As you have the same domain name, you can do it at the G Suite, do not forget to pay for the domain registration to keep the domain registration active.

Introduction to G Suite

Google has renamed the G suite to Google Workspace, but the products will stay the same as it was. Google Workspace is a products collection that Google developed and marketed including cloud computing, collaboration tools, and many more.

Can I easily cancel my G suite admin console?

What are the actions to take before canceling G Suite Account?

Before canceling the G Suite subscription or deleting the organization’s account, you will need to download any G Suite data which you have to be saved. It can include Google Calendar events, Google+, Gmail messages, and etc. Once can cancel G Suite admin console, the G Suite user data will be removed forever. Also, G Suite users cannot remove G Suite account. An admin can remove the Google Apps account of users from the G Suite admin console.

Step 1

Sign in to your G Suite account using the admin credentials and open the Google Admin console. To keep the account secure, Google will prompt for verifying that you are the owner of that account by entering the credentials which you use.

Step 2

There will be two options left, Company profile and Users and there you have to be sure to go to the “Users” option to manage the account which you are going to delete

Step 3

Depending on the users have to be managed, the list might belong, and hence, navigate the user or name which you are going to delete. There will be four options on the right side of the name which you have to delete. Reset password, Add to groups, Rename user, and many more. You have to choose the More option.

Step 4

When you click on more, four options will appear on the screen. There you have to click on “Delete User”

Step 5

Choose the users’ application data that you would like to transfer before deleting it on a permanent basis. Make sure that you only can use this option for data transferring within 20 days will be removed on a permanent basis. The user also can transfer all content used by the user including spreadsheets, documents, slides and etc.

Step 6

Enter the email ID of the recipient to receive the data and click on the “Delete” and make sure that it is the correct person to whom you want to send the data. You can also delete multiple accounts and for that, check them choose more, and click on the “Delete selected users” option.

After the data transferring procedure, the account is deleted officially after 20 days and you will get a notification email from Google’s end in the primary administrator account that is registered in the company profile G Suite Admin console

How can I cancel G Suite by myself?

For canceling G Suite or Google Workspace accounts, you will need to access Google Admin Console. When you cancel the Monthly plan then, auto-renewal will stop and Google will log in you out from the Admin Console

Cancel Google Workspace, follow the steps-

• Log in to the Google Admin Console
• Click on the hamburger bar on the home page
• Choose Billing and tap on Subscriptions
• There you have to select the subscription and click on Cancel Subscription
• Click on Continue and click on Yes, I am sure to confirm

What happens if I cancel Google Workspace Subscription?

After canceling Google workspace membership, all of the data and user accounts from Google Workspace will be removed. The user will not be able to recover accounts and data. Before canceling Google workspace subscription, you have to save the information which meant to you, the process will apply to-

• Google Calendar Events
• Google Messages
• Files from Google Drive
• Content from Google +

When you log in to your account again after canceling it then, Google will ask to enable Cloud Identity that is a free service. When the user is agreed with Cloud Identity, you will be able to keep the Google account and use the Admin Console.