Why is the Gmail account not working on iPhone?

Gmail is compatible with almost all devices and OS and now this is the turn of iOS. iPhones are used all across the world because of their exciting features and design. Gmail also is used by billions of people and the credit goes to its fast and reliable service. There is something that makes the users disappointed and that is a “Not working issue”. We are here with the resolution of the same so just let’s move ahead with that.

Resolution for Gmail Account not working on iPhone

If you are stuck because of the issue of the Gmail account not working on the iPhone then, you will need to move ahead with the methods available below.

Why is the Gmail account not working on iPhone?

Method 1- Check Device Activity

You should check the Gmail account for the emails from Google that allows you for an “unusual” sign-in. This email has a red box that says “Review Devices Now”.

• You can access your Google account and check the Device Activity Dashboard
• Sign into Gmail by tapping on the “Go to Mobile Gmail website” on iPhone. The “View Gmail in Desktop” link appears at the Settings menu
• Click on the Gmail account profile image and click on the Google Account. There is no need to click on the account image on iPhone
• After that, go to the Device activity and security events and scroll down to the “Recently used devices” submenu and click on “Review Devices”

When you are all set then, click on the iPhone and it will show you the details of the most recent login. If there is an option of Enable then, click on it. Now, sign in to your Gmail account using the Mail app on the iPhone.

Method 2- Enable IMAP

There is a common cause of iPhone Gmail issue and that is IMAP. It means Internet Message access protocol. There is a technological standard that allows the Gmail account to send all of the account detail to and from the Smartphone. IMAP will show that there is no issue or problem at all. If it is turned off then Gmail will stop working on iPhone.

• You can check if IMAP is turned on and switch it back if it is not yet
• Access Gmail on your laptop or desktop PC and sign in to your account
• Click on the Settings icon that appears in the top-right corner of the screen and clicks on Settings
• There you have to choose the POP/IMAP and Forwarding tab
• Scroll down to see the IMAP Access subheading and click on Enable IMAP

It will enable IMAP for Gmail that means that your mail app will start sending and receiving messages once again. In case, if you don’t have access to the laptop or desktop then, you can move ahead with the process by using the iPhone.

Access Gmail on the iPhone web browser and sign into the account

• Tap on the “Gmail Mobile Official Site” link from the bottom of the screen
• Go to the More option appears in the top-left corner of the screen and go down to the down of the page
• Now you will see “View Gmail” in the submenu and tap on “Desktop”
• Tap on Settings from the menu bar that works on the top of the screen
• Now you will need to tap on the IMAP/POP and Forwarding tab
• Go down to the IMAP Access subheading and tap on Enable IMAP if it is not on

You are all set and just imagine that IMAP wasn’t turned on, and your iPhone will start working with the Gmail account

Method 3- Delete and Restore Account

• Tap on Settings on the iPhone and go to the option Passwords and Accounts
• Go to Gmail account and tap on Delete Account

When you are all set then, you are ready to set Gmail account again on the iPhone-

• First and foremost, go to Passwords and Accounts
• Tap on the Add Account and go to Google
• Enter the Gmail address and tap on Next
• Go to the Gmail account password and tap on Next again

Check if Mail is enabled and enable Calendar, Contacts, and Notes if someone wants to access on the iPhone and tap on the Save

You are all set now and be able to access your Gmail account on iPhone. It is recommendable to check the internet connection and use a good app.