How Gmail add-ons can provide better productivity in 2021?

Gmail is really very productive for the users to use and to understand the workings of the service are all really easy and they are always very smooth. Gmail is not just limited to the email exchange there is more that is related to the workings of Gmail. There are other services and features also that you will get to enjoy as a Gmail user. The add-ons are one such example there are so many different types of add-ons that are there available for the users to use here we will discuss all the information related to the Gmail add-ons and we will also see how one can get better productivity out of those in 2021.

How to define Gmail add-ons?

In order to define Gmail add-ons as simple and easy-to-understand words, it can be said that these are the tools or the extensions that are designed to work on the functionality of the service and also to work on the improvement of it. Here further we will see how one can use Gmail add-ons to provide better productivity in 2021.

How Gmail add-ons can provide better productivity in 2021?

Gmail add-ons help in saving time

Going back and forth from Gmail to other apps can really be time-consuming and irritating at times, so here are the add-ons to help you with that. You will just have to download a Gmail add-on from the Google workspace.

How many types of Add-ons are there available?

There are so many different types of add-ons that are available for the users to use; some of those add-ons are to be used on Google calendar and for email scheduling. Other than that there are also email signature add-ons that the user can use for a more professional approach in the hour of need.

Other than the calendar add-on and the signature add-on there is also a Google contacts add-on that is available. Also, there are special business add-ons available for Gmail users so that they will be able to conduct all of those activities smoothly.

Google calendar and email scheduling add-ons

Checker Plus:

This particular add-on helps people with easy scheduling and editing events, so this is an easy way out for the management of the calendar. All of this can be done without directly using Google calendar.

Salient features associated with it:

• It can read out your messages for you
• Also, you can check your Gmail and the customized labels
• It can also be used in the background when Google Chrome is closed
• Through the preview Window, you can mark as read, archive, or delete emails
• There will be a notification sound for a new message arriving in the inbox
• Also, you can check your inbox offline

This is a free add-on that is available for all Gmail users; they can simply go and download it for further use.


This is another add-on that is there associated with THE Google calendar. It helps in the planning and scheduling of the functioning of the team.

Salient Features that are combined with it:

• Easy to integrate and sync with Google Calendar
• It allows scheduling from phone tablet or computer
• Helps with sharing printing and exporting the schedules
• Manages event invitations

There is a possibility that the user can use a 14 day trial of the add-on, if you further like the workings of it then you can pay for the whole year in one go and get two months of free service.

Email signature Add-ons

If you are looking around for a free Gmail signature add-on then for that there is WiseStamp available, the users can create a signature for this for any profession or business. This will surely make the process o communication more attractive and promising.

Salient Features added with it:

• Design skills not required
• Coding knowledge is not needed
• Very smooth and easy to use
• Time saver
• Genuine professional look

This add-on is available free of cost you will just have to go and get it downloaded and it will be gone to your Gmail directly.

Google contacts Add-ons

Ever Contact – This is the best contact management application that is available for the users to use, through this app getting all the contact details would become easy.

Salient features for the add-on

• Easy to get contact information
• Data accuracy improved
• The user will not lose contacts
• Background running in Gmail

There is a free 7-day trial available for this add-on you can get this trial from the Ever Contact website.

Business Add-ons

Slack for Gmail

This particular add-on helps shift in the email conversation; through the slack, the user will be able to check the DM.

Salient Features:

• Usable on any device
• Flagging teammates

This is a free add-on that is available you will just need the slack to use it in the right manner; once you will have it using it would not be tough.

There are some more add-ons also that are associated with Gmail, but discussing all of it in one go would only put you into confusion so let us keep some of the discussion saved for some other time.


So, moving towards the conclusion we can say that there are so many Gmail add-ons that are available for the users to use. It is through the Gmail extensions that the users are able to use the service in a smarter way. All the efficient extensions have been discussed here very well the users would just need to read it all and then follow religiously all that is given here in the guide.