Can I use a Gmail app for my PC?

Using a Gmail app is one thing that really has been very easy for people, yes using it through the web has also been smooth and simple but the app has its own user base. The browser-based use of Gmail has not been as easy and smooth as the app-based use of the service has been. So, yes there are most of the users of this service who prefer using the Gmail app even if it has to be used on the desktop.

Is it possible to use the Gmail app for PC?

Well, there is no such dedicated application that has been designed by Gmail to be used on computers. But yes you can still use the Gmail app for PC. The way out for that is to have Gmail apps created.

Can I use a Gmail app for my PC?

How to get a Gmail app created for PC?

Well, creating a Gmail app for PC means that you will be able to convert your Gmail webpage into an application. The converted application will also be providing you with the same number of features and all the same sort of services as the web page itself. Also, you will be able to get easy access to multiple accounts through the same Gmail application.

But in order to use and to get the web page converted into a Gmail app easily, it is necessary for the user to follow certain guidelines, those guidelines we are going to discuss here.

Enabling Gmail offline

You will first of all need to get the Gmail email service enabled offline, for that here we will see the steps that should be followed to get it done.

To enable Gmail email service offline take up steps as given:

• Open your Gmail email service inbox
• After that click on “settings” given at the top right corner
• Next, under the general tab, you will click the option “offline”
• After this, you should check the “Enable offline mail” box
• So many more options will then be there on the display of the page
• You will then get to see how much space offline Gmail will consume on the desktop
• Also, you can select on your own from the options that how much data you wish Gmail to store for you

Now further, we will see how you can create a Gmail desktop app to use on your PC on different devices as well as browsers.

Creating Gmail desktop app on Mac operating system

If you need to get the Gmail desktop app created on Mac operating system then for that you will have to follow certain easy steps.

The steps to be followed are as given below:

• You should open the app folder and there should launch Automator
• After this, click on a new document
• Next click “workflow”
• From the left-hand pane click “internet”
• Then, in the address list, you are advised to add Gmail URL
• In the next step double click on “website pop- up”
• The site size should be set on large
• Once, everything is done you will need to click on “file”
• Next, you will click the option “save as”
• You will then need to name your app as Gmail
• The file format needs to be application
• The new application can be dragged from there to the dock

Creating Gmail desktop app on Edge

In order to get the Gmail desktop app created on Microsoft Edge, you will have to follow certain steps.

Those steps to be followed are as given below:

• You will open Gmail in the Edge browser
• There click on the three-dot icon
• Choose apps and then install the site as an application
• After that, in the text field, you will write the name as Gmail or you will enter another label
• Then click on “install” • Gmail will then open as an app without a URL bar

Creating Gmail desktop app on Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome and there you wish to create a Gmail app for your PC then just by following some easy steps you can get it done.

• You should first open Gmail service on chrome
• Next, click on the three-dotted menu
• Next click on “more tools”
• After this, click on create a shortcut


Reading all the content given here is really going to be very helpful for those who are planning to create a shortcut on the desktop or we can say on their PC. It has always been any Gmail email service user's first choice to use the service through an app. As that has really made things very smooth and easy for the user to conduct. It is through the app that Gmail has become faster with the process of communication.