What should I do to add the Gmail app for Windows 10?

Gmail and Windows relation is very common as Gmail provides its best performance to work with Windows 10 operating system. You can add a Gmail app for Windows 10 and for that, you will need to move ahead with the exact steps. A wrong setup will get you stuck in the future while using this App.

Gmail app can be easily used when it comes to Windows 10 operating system. You only need to keep a good internet connection and keep your OS updated to avoid any issues in the future. Let’s move ahead with the steps to add the Gmail app for Windows 10 so that you can enjoy this email service on Windows OS.

What should I do to add the Gmail app for Windows 10?

How can I create Gmail Desktop App?

You will need to create a Gmail Desktop app and for that, you have to follow a few steps which are mentioned below-

• First of all, go to Gmail in the trusted Browser
• Navigate the three vertical dots and then, find More tools and select Create Shortcut
• Ensure that the “Open as window” message is checked and right-click on alt-click on the Gmail icon in the dock
• Now, you have to go to the Options and then, Keep in Dock

What to do to enable IMAP Gmail?

• Open Gmail in a web browser and log in to the account. Now, click on the Settings button “cog” icon in the upper right corner and choose to See all settings
• Click on the Forwarding and IMAP/POP tab and choose the Enable IMAP option in the IMAP Access section
• Click on the Save Changes option to ensure that the changes have been successfully applied. Go back in the Mail app and check the Gmail

How to setup Gmail app for Windows 10 Mail App?

When you need to add the Google account to the one app, it will be added automatically to the other two apps too. Additionally, each app has links to other apps that will be in the sidebar o it is very easy to switch between the apps.

• Open the Mail app and click on Start and type Mail and the top result should be Mail Trusted Microsoft Store App
• The Mail app will be differentiated into three sections appear on the left is the sidebar where you will see the email accounts and folders list. The middle is where a short description of all the emails in that folder will have appeared and the right panel will show the full email
• Click on Accounts appears in the left sidebar and click on the “Add Account” in the right panel which appears on the screen
• A pop-up will appear on the screen where you can select the email service provider

You can add any other account, iCloud email, or any IMAP or POP enabled email account, choose Google and move ahead and enter the Google credentials and click on Allow to allow the Windows to access the email, contacts, and calendars

All of the email from the Gmail inbox should be shown inside the Mail app and you will notice by default, the Mail app only show the Inbox folder and that is all set

The Mail app only downloads those emails which are from the last 3 months. If you want to change that, all you need to go to Settings. If the left sidebar isn’t stretched then, you can do it by clicking on the three horizontal lines that appear at the top left

• Click on the gear icon that appears at the bottom right of the sidebar ad when a slide-in panel will appear, you can adjust several settings for the Mail app
• You want to click on Manage Accounts appear at the top and click on the email account for which have to adjust settings for. It is for the Gmail account
• Click on the Account and then a dialog will appear where you can change the name of the email account and remove it or change the mailbox synchronize settings
• Click on that option to load the Gmail sync settings dialog and you can select when the new email should be downloaded and download the full message and Internet images

What should I do to use Gmail offline?

• Open Settings and click on the cogwheel icon and choose Settings
• Go to the Offline tab in the top menu
• Check off to Enable Offline Mail
• Now, choose the option that suits you and keep the offline data on the PC as it is a good choice if it is only you who actually use the PC
• Click on the Save to save the changes and you are all set

From now onwards, you will be able to use your Gmail account on Windows 10. Enter the credentials when you enter them in the required field and you are all set.