How can I send files exceeding the Gmail attachment limit?

Gmail attachment limit is one of the very hot topics of discussion out of all the so many features that are associated with the Gmail service it is so as regarding the attachment limit. It can be said that Gmail is something that is very easy to be used and to be understood but yes if one would try to send an attachment exceeding the limit, then that would not be possible.

What is the Gmail attachment limit?

Talking regarding the Gmail attachment limit, it can be said that the maximum attachment is 25MB, in this limit, there is a file along with the encoded copy of the file, so in this case, the maximum size limit of the file is just 12.5 MB.

How can I send files exceeding the Gmail attachment limit?

What will happen if one will send a file exceeding the attachment limit?

If that is the case then, there will be an error message on the display, also Gmail then automatically uploads files on Google drive and thus, keeps the link placed into the drive file into the body of the email.

What to do if larger files are to be sent through the Gmail service?

Yes, it is true that there is a file size limit of 25 MB that has been associated with the server capacity of Gmail, but still, there are files and folders that can be important for the user to send through Gmail. But the problem that the user may get to face is the problem of exceeding size limit. Here, further in the guide, we will see the hacks that the user can apply for the larger files that are to be sent through Gmail.

How to send an attachment exceeding the size limit as a link?

Yes, if there is a file attachment that the user needs to send through Gmail then for that, there is this process of getting the file converted to a link. For this, the user will need to follow the given set of steps.

The set of steps goes as follows:

• The user is advised to go to “Google Drive” there one should click on “My Drive”
• Then in the drop-down menu, the files need to be uploaded individually or the user can also get some new folders created
• The required files will then be uploaded to the Google Drive
• Next, the user is advised to open Gmail, and also the user will need to compose a fresh email there.
• After this, the user will need to click on the drive icon; the drive icon is generally given at the end of the Compose Window.
• Next, the user have to choose the file that has to be sent
• If the file has to be searched then, for that there is a search bar that can ease it all
• After all these steps in the last step, the user have to click on “insert as drive link”
• The required file will then be visible there in the body of the email as a proper link

How to send the file in parts if it is exceeding the size limit?

Yes, this is another way or hack that can be used by the user to deal with the issue of files exceeding the Gmail size limit.

The set of steps to be followed goes as follows:

• The sections of the documents needed to be copied and pasted into new documents
• All these new documents are then to be saved in a folder on the computer
• All those should be saved in numerical order
• After this open Gmail
• In the last step, all the documents need to be sent through email in a proper sequence

So, we can say that this process to deal with the exceeding size limits, can only be used where there are different parts of something that are to be sent for example a novel or something else that is already divided into different sections and chapters.

How to compress a file for sending through Gmail, if it exceeds size limits?

This is also a very feasible manner to deal with the issue of file exceeding size limits if it has to be sent through Gmail.

In order to get the file compressed, the user is advised to follow the steps given below:

• The user is advised to open the file explorer, next the user will need to search for the document that is to be sent.
• Next, the user will need to select files that are to be compressed
• In the next step right-click on Windows and the user will need to send it to the compressed zipped folder in the dropdown.
• Next, the user is advised to name the folder
• After all of the above steps, the user will open the compose section in Gmail, and there at the end of the Window will click on “add attachment”
• Then, the user will search for the zipped file and after finding it, will click on “open”


So, these are all the ways and means through which the users will be able to easily deal with the size limit issue in Gmail that the users do get to face very often with the process of sending an attachment file through it.