How can I use Gmail in Google classroom?

Google classroom has been a new trend in the market especially after the pandemic; we were all forced to close down everything including the educational institutions in order to keep ourselves all safe and secure. All the sectors had their fair share of struggles during this lockdown period but the education sector is one that suffered the most. Looking at all the educational losses finally, technology came to its rescue that is where people started using the Google classroom app and all the students were then able to get started with the studies once again but it was online this time from the comfort of their home.

Gmail in Google classroom

We all know very well that all the apps that are connected with Google are also linked with the Gmail account of the user, so if you are using Google classrooms for your study purposes then for interacting the best service for you to use would be Gmail. It is so because that would be the safest way for the establishment of communication among the teachers and students. The importance of proper communication establishment is something that needs no discussion it is already well known to people.

How can I use Gmail in Google classroom?

But as Google classroom is a new thing for most Gmail users, so with certain procedures there are chances for them to get stuck. Here, we will see how students and teachers can use Gmail in Google classroom and they can easily communicate among themselves in the cyber world.

Teachers using Gmail through the Google classroom app

Prerequisites to check before starting with email

• The administrator will need to turn on email for students and teachers
• Email can be sent to 100 people through Google classroom in one go
• The teacher can only send an email to one class at a time
• In order to send an email to more than 1 class, it is best to post an announcement
• There is no need for the parents to have a Gmail account if an email is to be sent to them

How teachers can send Gmail through the computer?

For sending Gmail through computers teachers can follow the given steps:

• Open
• There as it opens click “class”
• Next click people
• After that, from the options that appear choose anyone
• Next, enter a proper subject in the given field
• If any attachment is to be sent then, click on “send attachments with your Gmail message”
• Then, compose a message and next click on “send”

How teachers should check their Gmail inbox on the computer?

• For checking their Gmail inbox teachers are requested to follow the given steps:
• On the browser open
• Next, click on the app launcher given at the top

The teachers can also send emails to Google classroom through android, for that there is another set of steps to follow.

Sending email through android:

For getting this done, as a teacher you will have to follow the given steps:

• In the Google classroom app click on “classroom”
• After this, click the class option further click on “people”
• From the options appearing on the screen choose anyone
• Then in the subject field enter a subject
• For sending any attachment click the option “ send attachments with your Gmail
message” • After entering the message in the given box click on “post”

The teachers can also check emails in android for that there are a few simple steps that they will need to follow.

The series of steps goes as follows:

• Open Gmail app
• Simply sign in with the Google classroom account
• How students can send an email message through Gmail using the computer?
• Given below are the steps for the students to follow:
• The students will first of all open
• Next, they will click on the teacher’s class
• After this click on “people”
• Right next to the name of the teacher click the email icon
• Then enter your message in the new email and click “send”

How student can send emails to other students in Google classroom?

• Here also, students will open
• After this, the student will click on the name of the student for sending an email
• Then, right next to the student's name click on the email icon
• Then in the new email after entering the subject, write the email further and click on “send”

How students can open Gmail?

• For opening Gmail students should follow the given steps:
• Open
• Then, you are requested to click the app launcher from the top right-hand side corner

Students can also send and check emails in their Gmail through the android device, here fuehrer we will see how they can get it done.

Students sending emails through android

For this the students will need to follow the given steps:

• They will click on the classroom icon
• Next, they will go to the teacher’s class
• After this, they will click on “people”
• Next to the teacher's name, they will click on the email icon
• Then after entering a new email message one will simply need to click on the “arrow icon”


All the information related to the Gmail Google classroom has been well discussed here, once after reading the guide as it has been given here there are a lot of things that will be clear for the user and it will be easier to use it.