How to fix Gmail is not syncing with Outlook on Windows 11?

If you are using Gmail and Outlook account then, you must already have merged them to access the emails in one place. If you found that there are some syncing issues with the data then, you have to follow a few steps to get rid of this issue. The issue might happen while deleting emails, or with just contacts, when moving messages between folders, or with all aspects of the account. There are a few steps that you have to try if Gmail is not syncing with Outlook on Windows 11. There might be email services sometimes but never leave OS apart.

We will first move ahead with the resolution of this error by fixing email services. After that, we will discuss one more resolution by keeping Windows 11 OS in mind.

Resolution for Gmail Synchronization Issue with Outlook

Let’s move ahead with the resolution method mentioned below to get rid of the issue which you are facing.

How to fix Gmail is not syncing with Outlook on Windows 11?

Discontinued Free Sync Service of Google

Google had created Google Calendar Sync, and Sync for the Gmail accounts synchronization with Outlook. But these both services are discontinued. It only affects free synchronizing and the businesses with the paid Google Account Apps can use the premium syncing service.

Updates Related Issues

If the new messages are not synchronizing to Outlook an office, the issue might be with the Windows Update. Updates might prevent IMAP folders from synchronizing correctly. Outlook must be configured to use IMAP to sync with Gmail. You will need to uninstall these updates to re0synchronize the account. MS recommends avoiding the update if possible unless the issue is fixed and a new update is released.

Start Again

There might be instances that it doesn’t matter how and what settings you change and how to get rid of this to fix the synchronizing is to remove the Gmail account from Outlook. Now, re-add it and you won’t lose the data during the process since all the emails remain same on the Google’s servers instead of on the local PC. In Outlook, go to the File and choose “Account and Social Settings”. Now, choose “Account Settings” to remove and re-add your Gmail account.

An Optimum Resolution

If you are using the free Gmail to synchronize with Outlook then, you might face compatibility issues. Although Outlook allows you to synchronize with IMAP, you have direct tools for synchronizing via Google. For that, upgrade to the optimum Google Apps account. It helps to resolve some of the issues which many users are facing with IMAP and Outlook

These are a few fixings for Gmail sync errors with Outlook and if you still are getting the same error, then move ahead with another solution.

Resolution 1-Choose Sync Option to Resolve the Issue

You will need to choose the synchronization option to get rid of this issue

• First of all, choose the Start Menu and type Microsoft Outlook in the search box
• Tap on it which appears at the top of the Start menu
• This is the time to choose File and then, click on Options
• Now, you will be on the new page of Outlook options
• Click on the Advanced option from the left panel
• Navigate the Send and Receive and then, click on Send and Receive option
• Then, choose the All Accounts group and click on the Edit option
• Choose the Gmail account from the left panel which you have to synchronize
• Uncheck the Get Folder unread count for the folders option from the right side menu
• This is the tome to choose the Use custom behavior that is defined below the Receive mail items section
• Find Gmail and expand it under the Folder option section and choose the synchronization items on this PC

Ensure that the Inbox is already chosen as it is the most important folder to be synced and finally click on Ok

Resolution 2- Adjust Mail to keep them offline

You will need to fix this issue by adjusting mail to keep them offline mode and for that-

• Go to the Start menu and type Microsoft Outlook
• Tap on it that appears at the top of the Start menu and click on the File and choose Options
• Click on the Dropdown arrow of the Account Settings option from the right side
• There you have to choose Account Settings. Now double click on the account which you have to adjust

You will see a new window on the screen. Using the slider, you have to adjust the mail to keep them offline

Resolution 3- Install New Updates of Windows 11

If you are using an old Windows 11 version then, you will get stuck with the same. Not only email services, but some more apps will stop working. You can fix them by installing new updates of Windows 11.

Here, you are all set with the resolution and now you can see that Gmail and Outlook have to start syncing the data. You can access them anytime and if you think that the issue persists again and again then, contact Gmail for help regarding the resolution.