Gmail could do more with its Amazing Features

Gmail is used all across the world and thanks to its convenient synchronization and intuitive interface with other Google products such as calendar and drive. Well, the fact that it is always adding and evolving new tools means that it has so many features which the users still have to discover.

Gmail could do more with its Amazing Features

Manage Alerts and Updates in Gmail

Get Quick Notifications- It will show you the number of emails that you have without opening a browser, and switch windows back and forth. You also even can send the reply directly from the pop-up which notifies you about a new email.

Work Offline- Gmail app will allow you to read and reply to emails without having a network connection. It means you can work without any interactions and delay new updates unless you want to connect again.

Use Gmail to Text you- This is a paid service that assures to free you from checking the inbox on a constant basis. Rather than, you can allow the app to call or to text you only if a certain people can send email to you, or in case if you have an email thread which you need to stay on top of.

Be More Resourceful

Schedule Appointments- Gmail labs come with a feature that will make you capable to schedule your event in the inbox easily in Google Calendar.

Make a to-do list- It installs a checklist that appears on the right side of the Gmail for Firefox and Chrome browsers. You can turn the emails into tasks, and also can connect the to-do list to Google Contacts and Calendars.

This list will help you to organize the task list in Chronological order. It will also allow you to add emails to the list, get progress updates, and assign projects to other people. There is also a Mobile version of the plug-in so that you can access the list from anywhere.

Get mail-in one view- Labs also comes with a handy way that will allow you to check multiple email accounts simultaneously

Schedule emails to send or read further

Prescheduled Emails- If you know that there is a better time to receive someone with an email message but the irony is that you won’t be around to click the Send option, you have to use the browser extension like Boomerang or Inbox to do it for you. Both services will allow you to send up to 10 prescheduled emails every month for free or an unlimited amount.

Send stock replies- For saving more time, it is recommended to consider creating canned emails via one of the Gmail features called Labs.

Snooze Emails- You can schedule emails to go back to the top of the inbox at a certain date and time in the future. Gmail snooze is a Chrome extension that will remind you too.

Use Confidential Mode in Gmail

Gmail comes with a confidential mode that will prevent the sender’s message from copying, downloading, printing, or forwarding its contents. Even it also allows the users to choose a time so that the email will be selfly deducted automatically at that opted time. Your chosen time will not have appeared on the screen but means that the recipient will no longer be able to access the message content onwards the chosen time.

As similar as this, there is a useful feature of Gmail too which is called Undo send. If you have sent an email accidentally before it was ready with someone to whom they shouldn’t be, or most common of all, without the attachment then you can recover the email from the receiver’s inbox. The undo time is up to 5 seconds but you can increase this timing up to 30- seconds from Settings and then, go to General.

Wrap Up-

These are a few amazing things that Gmail Could Do and will enhance the experience of the users. Gmail can be easily used by anyone because of its simple interface so choose it and stay updated with every email.