What to do to get Gmail Messages in Outlook?

Gmail and Microsoft Outlook both are trusted emails services and both have always been seen as two different services working great to deliver an outstanding experience to the users. But if a user has accounts on both of the services, ‘Gmail and Outlook’ then, they can add a Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook.

Gmail with Microsoft Outlook

Users have the capability to add a Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook. This step will help the users to manage multiple Gmail accounts from one place without any hassle. Users also can check the emails in offline mode and this isn’t possible with webmail like Gmail.

What to do to get Gmail Messages in Outlook?

Steps to Setup Gmail Account in Microsoft Outlook

There are a few things which you have to keep in mind to set up a Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook-

• Prepare Gmail for Outlook
• Get app-specific Gmail password
• Connecting Outlook to Gmail service account UK

How to Prepare Gmail account for Outlook

Before getting your Gmail account connected to outlook, there are a few things which you should keep in mind and that is-

Enable IMAP in Gmail Account

By default, the IMAP settings in Gmail are not activated and this is the reason that one should need to enable IMAP in a Gmail account. These are the main settings that allow outlook to connect the Gmail account get Gmail Messages in Outlook in a few steps.

• Go to Gmail and click on the gear Settings icon that appears in the top-right corner. Click on See all Settings
• Choose Forwarding and IMAP/POP tab appears at the top of the menu and clicks on Enable IMAP
• You can see the ‘Save’ option, and there you have to click on that to save changes

Get app-specific Gmail account password

You must have a secured account password for your email service account to get instant Gmail help in line to secure your account. Multi-Factor authentication is a must-have security feature that will keep the data secure by storing it in the SaaS apps like G Suite or Microsoft 365. Such Gmail accounts which have this feature enabled will need an app-specific password for certain app setup.

• Go to the Profile icon that appears at the top-right and choose the Google Account option
• Click on Manage your Google Account and on the left side of the tab, choose the Security tab
• When you signed into Google card, enable the 2-Step Verification and click on the App Passwords
• In the window of App Password, go to the drop-down menu and click on the Other option • Click on Generate just after typing Outlook in the required place

When Google creates an app password, you have to click on Done. Make sure that th8is password will come back while connecting Outlook to Gmail from Outlook’s end.

Can I connect the outlook account to Gmail?

When you are done with the essential steps in the Gmail account then, this is time to add a Gmail account in Outlook. For that-

• Open Outlook and choose File and go to Account Settings
• Go to the New appears in the Account Settings window
• Enter the Gmail credentials into the center domain and click on Connect

Your account setup is completed and unless you want to set up Outlook Mobile on the phone, deselect and click on Ok and now you can use the Gmail right inside Microsoft Outlook.

Why one should configure Gmail in Outlook?

For those who use multiple email accounts, can configure Gmail in Outlook can be very beneficial. Some other causes that prompt Gmail configuration with Outlook are-

• Organizing Emails and messages in Gmail is quite confusing
• It is not simple to manage multiple email accounts with Gmail whereas with Outlook you can manage multiple emails without any issue
• Cannot allow you to work in Gmail offline mode

These are a few things that will make you able to customize settings so that you can use Gmail with Outlook. These changes will immediately start working and you can get Gmail Messages in Outlook.