How to resolve Gmail not syncing error?

Gmail is the service that is leading the market right now, as it comes to the process of email exchange and message exchange. Gmail is not just related to the process of communication there is more that is associated with it. Now, that the Gmail service has been updated people now also use Gmail for backing up their data and information. One can now save his or her contact list in the email service and can this way only create a backup for other things as well. But if you face the issue of Gmail not syncing error then for proper backup and things you will need to fix it first.

Gmail sync feature

If one keeps data and information stored in Gmail, then accessing it at any given point of time becomes very easy for the user. But, to ensure that ease and comfort there is this Gmail sync feature of the email service. You will only be able to easily open your contacts and other details saved in Gmail only when it will be syncing well across all your devices.

How to resolve Gmail not syncing error?

Gmail not syncing error

So, now we know how important is the Gmail sync feature, so here further we will see some information related to the Gmail not syncing error. Though the sync feature in Gmail is very important and is very commonly used by people, still sometimes it does put the users into trouble. So, here further in the guide let us see how one can deal with this problem and can resolve this error on various devices while using Gmail.

Reasons for Gmail not syncing

There is no specific reason for this, but it can be because of some unexpected sudden technical glitch or it can be due to some issuing the network connectivity.

But just knowing the reason will not take us anywhere, we will have to work on the fix of the error and will have to see what we can do about it.

Gmail not syncing on android

If this is the case, then for a resolution please follow the steps given below-

Manual sync-

For syncing manually follow the steps given-

• Open the Gmail application
• 0Then swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom
• After this please enable automated sync
• The device should be connected to the internet
• Also, please check your password
• If the app is not updated, then update it
• At last conduct a restart on your device

Now, this is how you can fix the problem on your android device, but if in case it is not on that and the error is troubling you with your IOS device, then to fix it on that you will have to follow a different set of steps.

The set of steps to follow for fixing the issues on IOS please follow steps given below-

• Check I MAP settings and enable them
• Also, check push settings and fix them if required
• The device should have an internet connection
• Check if the app is updated, if not then get it updated
• Conduct a restart on your device.

Is this enough

So, this is all related to the process of fixing the sync error in the Gmail service, by following all that is given here you can easily resolve this issue of Gmail not syncing on any of your devices. If you still wish to know anything more than in that case please connect with the team of technicians, lines are open for the users all the time. The people can be sure of getting instant as well as the most accurate solution for whatever issue you are facing with the workings of your email service.


If you have to fix the issue of Gmail not syncing error on any of your devices, then, for that the best thing for you to do would be to take help from the team of technicians. Once after, fixing this problem, you will be able to use Gmail in a much better way. The service will appear friendlier you will like using it even more. If you keep the service well maintained and free of glitches then there is nothing as good as Gmail.