How to fix if Gmail notification is not popping up?

Gmail has become the most famous email app to configure email on Android Mobile. This is because it comes with a pre-installed app on all Android phones. This app shows Gmail notifications for the new emails on the phone. You will be notified on each email with a pop-up and this will keep you updated from all messages. But sometimes, it might stop notifying you with pop-ups and in such cases, it is recommended to check the internet connection first.

As people are always on the go so, it can be quite annoying when you get to know that you have been waiting for an email that the sender had sent an hour ago. But as Gmail notification is not popping up, you didn’t know about that certain message. You can fix this issue by sticking with a few steps which are mentioned below.

How to fix if Gmail notification is not popping up?

Steps to Set Gmail Notifications to “On”

All you need to do is to change the settings below for every account if you have more than one account that is linked to this app.

On Android-

Step 1- First of all, launch the Gmail app on the Android smartphone or tab

Step 2- Tap on the Menu icon appears in the top left

Step 3- After that, tap on the Settings to see your account

Step 4- Tap on the Notification and choose a notification level and tap on Manage Notifications

Step 5- Check the options that appear under the account and make sure if the switch is turned on and tap on Inbox Notification

Step 6- Choose the preferred notification settings like sound, vibration, and other ailed

Keep in mind that the Android phone or tab also has the notification settings, keep that separated from those of your Gmail app

On iOS-

• First of all, launch the Gmail app on the iOS device
• Tap on the Menu icon in the top left
• Tap on the Notifications and select a notification level

Change Labels Sync Settings

You can change the settings for notification for the labels and there you can synchronize emails if Gmail notification is not popping up

On Android-

• First of all, open the app on your Android Smartphone or tab
• Tap on the Menu icon and tap on the Settings
• There you have to choose your account and tap on Manage Labels
• Choose one of the labels and tap on Sync Message
• Choose the Last 30 days and you will not be able to enable the notification for that label without letting messages synchronized

You will need to choose the notification settings for the label and conduct the steps once again for any labels which you want to receive notification for

On iOS-

• First of all, start the Gmail app on the iOS device
• Click on the Menu icon that appears in the top left
• Navigate your account and tap on Notification
• After that, choose High Priority Only

Turn the Power Saving Mode Off

You can do this in several ways and it depends on the Smartphone’s brand. Commonly you can try to disable the power saving mode from the Settings section

• Swipe down for Home Screen and check icons for several features
• You will there see the Battery Saver option in the tray and there you have to tap on it to disable the feature
• You also can turn the power saving mode off and you can do it from the “Settings and Battery”

Steps to Reset Gmail App

If you have tried all of the above-given methods and still stuck with Gmail notifications is not popping up then, consider disabling the app to reset it-

• In the Settings app go to Apps and Notifications
• Now, navigate Gmail from the appeared list
• Tap on it and choose Disable and to re-enable it, click on Enable on the same page

Uninstall and Reinstall Gmail App

If this service is not a default app on the phone, you can uninstall it. Go to the Settings app and find Apps and Notifications. Go to the apps list to find this app by scrolling down

Step 1- Tap on it and then, choose Uninstall and you can reinstall it via Google Play and turn Sync on and off

Step 2- Open the Settings app and scroll down and tap on Accounts or Users account. Go to Automatically Sync Data by scrolling down and disable it

Step 3- To enable it again, you have to tap on Automatically Sync Data and if you have multiple accounts on the device, choose the one which you want to synchronize

Step 4- After that, you have to choose Account Sync and tap on the More icon, and choose Synchronize Now

Force Stop the Gmail App

You can force stop the Gmail App and for that, you can do this via Settings and App Notifications

There you have to Force Stop the App and Notifications and you could find Apps in some models

Final Words

Emails are important to people and hence, people are dependent on their Mobile devices to push the instant notifications as quickly as they get an email. Accessing your email on the go is a blessing, but only unless you know that you got them.