Why my Gmail notification is not working on Samsung?

Gmail notifies you of every email or message when any arrives and this is the way through which you will stay updated. There are various causes due to which Gmail notifications stop working on Samsung smartphones. But whatever the reason is, the issue should be fixed immediately.

As the issue can be easily fixed but for that, the user will need to follow a few steps which are mentioned below to get rid of Gmail notification is not working on Samsung issue.

Manage Gmail Labels

There is a possibility that Notification errors can be fixed just by managing Gmail Labels. For that-

• Open the Gmail app and open the hamburger menu and go to Settings
• Enter the Email address and go to Manage Labels
• Tap on any mail type which you have to change
• This is the time to tap on Sync Messages and select Last 30 days
• Check if the notification error gets fixed after managing labels

Why my Gmail notification is not working on Samsung?

Check System and App Notification Settings

Check both in-app notification and system settings. There is a chance that some alerts are appeared by mistake or a system bug. Make sure if DND is disabled and then, move ahead with the steps to check notification Gmail settings-

• Open Gmail and tap on the hamburger menu and open Settings
• Go to General Settings and tap on Manage Notifications
• Check if everything is turned on and open Mail
• This Mail option will be there under the Gmail address and ensure that Notifications are enabled
• Conduct restart of your device and check if the error gets fixed

Check Device Time to fix Gmail Notification issue

Another important thing is to make sure that the time and date are set properly. The best way to do this is by using the automatic time zone settings that are based on geo-location. To check device time-

Enable Automatic time on your Samsung Mobile-

• Open Settings and choose System
• Open Date and Time and make sure that ‘Use network-provided time’ and also, ‘Use network-provided time Zone’ are turned on

Grant permission to Gmail

Moving ahead, the user can try to set Gmail as the default app and make sure that it auto-starts. Follow the steps to grant permissions to Gmail and for that-

• Open Settings and choose Apps and choose App Manager
• Now, go to Manage App or All Apps and go to the Gmail
• Choose Permissions and the b grant all necessary permission
• Move back with all app lists and then, tap on the three-dot menu
• After that, open Default Apps and set Gmail as the default email app

Enable Gmail Synchronization

There might be instances that, Gmail synchronization has been disabled and you are stuck with the notification not working error.

• Open Settings and choose Accounts and Synchronization
• Check if you have enabled Auto-sync data
• After that, choose Google and find Gmail and make sure that sync for Gmail is indeed turned on

Clear Gmail Cache and Data

Another thing you can do is to clear cache and data which will reset the app. If you have any non-Gmail addresses associated with the Gmail account all you have to do is to set up them again after this procedure.

• Go to the Settings and Apps and then, go to all apps and Gmail Again
• Choose Storage and Clear the Cache and then clear the data and restart the device
• One can easily clear cache and data to fix Gmail notification not working error

Log out and login again to Google account

One can remove Google account and add it again to fix any Gmail related error and for that-

• Open Gmail and go to Settings and choose Accounts and Sync
• Choose Google and tap on the menu that appears at the bottom and removes the account

Restart the device, add the account and check the Gmail notification. You are done with the changes and check if the error still persists.