How can I make Google Account on my device?

Google account allows you to access many Google products and this is the reason it is advisable to make a Google account. Whether it is one of the topmost trusted email services Gmail or it is the best safe photo storage Google Photos, all can be accessed if someone has a Google account.

It is very simple to make Google Account and you must have an alternate email address and phone number as well. Making Google Account will allow you to send and receive emails using Gmail and also the user can find their favorite video on YouTube. Without having an Account on Google, you cannot be able to download apps from the Google Play/Play Store, and hence, it is necessary to create it.

How can I make Google Account on my device?

Prior to making Google Account

Before moving ahead, you have to keep in mind that the age limit of a user should be 13 years if they want to make an account on Google. 18 years old people will be allowed to add a credit card to the account. Adding a credit card is required as one can buy games and paid apps from the Play Store as well as subscribe to Google Music and pay for other offers available on Google.

When it comes to unpaid service then, there are a few services of Google that include Gmail, Drive, Docs, as well as Photos to add credit card is optional and if you don’t want to choose it then there is no issue with it too.

Can I set up Google Account on Android?

It will take a very few minutes to create a new Google Accounts and hence, it is advisable to follow a few steps to set up Google Account on Android. The very first thing you have to do is to-

• Go to the Settings app on your Android Phone
• Choose the Accounts options and then, tap on Add Account
• After choosing Add Account from the bottom you have to choose Google

You will see a page appears on the screen where you can log in to your account and create a new one. There you have to choose the Create Account option and after that, follow the on-screen prompts and enter the personal details, by choosing username and password. Complete the entire procedure by clicking on the Terms and Agreements box to agree with it.

Instructions to setup Google Account on Android-

• Choose Accounts in the Settings of your device
• Tap on the Add Accounts and then, opt for Google
• Choose Create Account and follow on-screen prompts to enter your details
• Tap on the I Agree option to agree with terms and conditions to create Google Account

How can I make Google Account on Browser?

Making Google Account on the browser is very simple as one will need to go to the Sign-Up page and then, start entering the information which they will be asked for. The information will be your username, your name, and your password. Click on Next and enter the next form and choose Next one more time and check the identity by verifying your phone number. Google will ask your opinion if you want to link the phone number to the Account and might offer other services. There you have to follow on-screen prompts to create the Google Account.

Guide to setup Google Account on Browser-

• Visit the Sign Up Google page
• Enter the name, username, and password when you will be asked for
• Choose Next and enter the phone number, recovery email, gender, and birthday
• Select Next again and if you have entered a phone number then, you have to verify it then and there
• Follow the on-screen instructions and then, you are Done!

How to sign in to Google Account?

After making/creating Google, you will be able to sign in to Google Account and for that-

• Open a trusted web browser and go to
• Click on Sign in appears at the upper-right corner
• There you have to select an account including a previously used account
• Choose your account and enter the password
• If you will be asked for “Add Account” then, sign in with the email address and password. The email might or might not end with
• Click on Remove an account if asked from the list and check the X icon that appears in the right of the account which is not in use.
• When you are signed in then, click on the app's icon to use multiple Google Services
• You have options to choose an app, like Search, Gmail, Google+ or Calendar and you will find Google Docs in the Drive icon
• In the end, click on More to jump to Google Maps, YouTube, or others

What to do to change Google Account Password?

To keep Google accounts secure, it is very much recommended to change password and to do so-

• First of all, sign in to Google and click on the email address or picture that appears in the upper-right corner
• Click on Account and click on Security and then, Change Password
• Enter the old password and enter a new one and confirm the changes by clicking on Save

Changing passwords will also affect other devices and software programs that you use like, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Outlook, and Android. All you need to do is to enter the new password on these devices too to sign in to your Google account and other services.