Google drive is not working is it because of Gmail?

There are many email services that are available in the market, but out of those it is Gmail that is the most popular among people, it is so as it is a safe and secure service offered by Google that is the most trusted brand name in the market of information technology. Gmail is one such service provided by Google that is not just needed for the exchange of emails but also, it is needed for other purposes, by other purposes it means that for using other Google products also one will first need to have a proper verified Gmail account.

Google drive not working because of Gmail:

So, if a user is of the opinion that it is because of Gmail that his or her Google drive is not working, then the only role of Gmail in this particular issue can be that there is no Gmail account available, if there will be no Gmail account available to provide a base for a Google drive then it is obvious that the drive will not work on the system or the device.

Google drive is not working is it because of Gmail?

But if that is not the case then the problem of Google drive not working can be a simple technical glitch, so here in the blog guide, we will see in detail the solution for the same glitch.

In order to fix Google Drive not working on Mac or Windows PC, the user should follow the steps given below:

Internet Connection: The culprit behind the issue of Google drive not working can be instability in the internet connection, so first of all the user should get that checked and should get a reset done on it if in case the issue is really related to the internet.

Browser cookies: The user should see if the same problem occurs on every browser even in the incognito then that means the problem is related to cookies, so the user should get all the cookies cleared.

Temporary files and folders: If there will be too many temporary files and folders available on the PC or Mac, then that is surely going to slow down the workings, so the users are advised to keep the systems clear off all the temporary files and folders.

Restart or Reinstallation of Google drive: In case of most of the technical glitches people are advised to get the product or the service restarted once again, in most cases the glitches do get resolved. Most probably this technique may prove of help for the Google drive users as well.

Disable Firewall or antivirus program: The issue can be related to the conflict between Google drive and the antivirus program, so the user should get the software program disabled for a while and should check if Google drive then starts working.

If Google drive is not working on an android device then to get it fixed the user should follow the steps given below:

• The internet connectivity should be checked
• Google drive should be restarted
• The cache should be cleared from the Google drive application
• Google drive should be updated and reinstalled
• The file manager should be uninstalled

So, this is all about the fix related to Google drive not working, if needed then for more information over this the user should get in touch with the team of technicians at Gmail Customer Care UK, also the option of live chats and emails is open for the users. Not just for the issues related to Google drive but the technicians can also be asked for required help related to other Gmail issues as well. The experts are very well trained and thus the user can be sure of getting instant as well as accurate solutions.