Google Drive Storage full without any file what to do?

Google is the leading name in the market of information technology, there is no other brand name that has served the world of information technology like this one there are so many products designed under the name of Google that is used by people for fulfilling their various work-related needs as the products of Google have always been easy for people to use also they have been very easy for the users to understand and all the Google products are designed very well keeping in mind the protection of the privacy of the users.

The most popular product offered by Google is Google drive, it is the best tool in town right now that the users can use for the proper maintenance of all the data that they need to keep safe and secure for a long time period, also accessing data stored on the drive has been easy and the user can do that from any corner of the world, but with products like these the chances of all sort of glitches, here we will see solution for Google drive storage full without any files in it.

Google Drive Storage full without any file what to do?

In order to get through this issue, the user should follow the steps given below:

Empty Google Drive Trash: In order to get through this issue, the user should follow the steps given below:

• The user should log in Google Drive
• On the left of the Google Drive page, the user should click on “Trash”
• Below the search box, the user should click on “trash”
• Next from the menu, the user should choose the option “empty trash”
• The user should then check Google drive for extra storage space

Sync: The problem can also be because of this, so the users are advised to keep all their assets well in sync, through the sync tool, this way the user will be able to access all the data from anywhere in the world.

Google Drive application data: The issue can also be related to the application data, so to get that fixed the user should follow the given steps:

• The user should click on the “settings’ option given on the Google Drive page
• Then from the menu, the user should choose “settings”
• Next, in the settings Window, the user should choose “manage apps”
• The list of all the Google Drive apps will then be visible from there the user can choose apps to be disconnected from the Google Drive
• The user should then click on the disconnect button to confirm

Search for orphan files: There can be many files stored on Google drive without a parent folder all these files may consume the Google data storage; the user should get all those files and folders removed from the drive.

Google photos and Gmail storage: The Google photos and Gmail storage is also included in Google drive, so the user should get both of these also checked and should get these also cleared if required.

Larger files should be deleted: In order to make up for the space issues in Google drive the user should also check all the files that are considerably large in size the user should get them deleted.

So, these are all the ways through which the user can get through the given issue related to Google drive, after applying these, the issue of storage will be resolved and the Google drive will be working fine, the user will further be able to use the Google drive very efficiently and will be easily able to store all the data and the information that is important for the user for professional or some personal purpose.