How can I send my ID proofs with safety by Gmail?

There is no doubt in the fact that Gmail is the safest and is full of advanced security measures as it comes to exchanging Emails through it, also Gmail is the easiest service out of all the email services that are there present in the IT world. Emailing over the years has become the favorite communicating service for the people as it can be sent and received instantly and that has really been very helpful for the people always.

Here the topic of the discussion has to be sending ID proofs safely via Gmail, we all know how important our ID proofs are, and how much important it is for all of us to keep their safety and security ensured all the time, in all the countries there are many such important works that can only be completed successfully by the people by showing their ID proofs sometimes it happens that the people are asked to send their ID proofs through Email. While doing so people really need to be very careful.

How can I send my ID proofs with safety by Gmail?

In order to enhance the security and safety of an Id proof that has to be sent through Gmail the use can send it with the Gmail confidential mode here in the blog, we will see the process that the user will have to follow for getting this done.

In order to send Gmail Email attachments through confidential mode the user should follow the given steps:

• On the computer, the user should open Gmail
• Next should click on “compose”
• After that, should click “attach”
• The user will then have to choose files for uploading
• Further, in the bottom right of the Window, the user should look for and should click the option confidential mode
• In the next step, the user will have to set an expiry date and also a passcode
• The settings of passcode and expiry date always leave an impact on the text of the message as well as the attachment
• If the sender will select “No SMS passcode” the recipient will then be able to open the email directly in the application.
• If the sender will choose the option of “SMS passcode” then the recipient will receive a text message containing the passcode for opening the Email
• The sender will have to carefully enter the phone number of the recipient
• As the last step, the sender will have to click “save”

Being careless regarding the ID proofs and other such important documents can really be dangerous for the privacy of the people, also there are chances that some anti-social elements may end up misusing the documents. Therefore, documents like ID proofs should always reach the right hands; wrong people getting hold of anyone’s ID proofs can really put an innocent person into big life-threatening situations and troubles.

If even after reading the procedure the user somehow gets stuck with the process then in that case it would be best for the user to get in touch with the team of trained and certified Gmail experts at Gmail Customer Care Number UK. Also, the option of live chats and emails is open for the users all the time. Not just with this procedure but the users can also take the help of Gmail experts for other Gmail related issues as well such as the problem can be related to an error code or it can be related to the process of app installation or it can be anything else as well but all of it can be resolved easily under the guidance and support coming from the experts and the service can be taken back to its normal working easily.