How can I start using a Gmail account?

Gmail is not something with which people are not familiar, even those who still do not use an email account are well aware of this name, for safe and secure communication there is nothing better than Gmail, also for those who have just entered into the world of emailing there can be nothing as good as Gmail, this is one such email service that is filled with so many advanced features yet it is very easy to be used.

Here, in the blog we will see how one can start using a Gmail account also we will look into some other basic information associated with the Gmail service, that the user should know it is so because before starting with the use of any such service or product it is important for the users to know its basics. Only after that, anyone would be able to use it in the right manner and only then the Gmail account will be able to function efficiently.

How can I start using a Gmail account?

Features associated with Gmail service:

• Spam filtering
• Conversation view
• Built-in chat
• Call phone

Other than these 4 main features there are many other smart features also that are available for use.

Smart Gmail features include the following:

• Smart compose and smart reply
• Automatic email filtering/categorization
• Email nudges and high priority emails
• Calendar entries with the help of the event details

All these features coming together are what have made Gmail a favorite for so many people around the globe.

Creating a new Gmail account:

In order to get a new Gmail account the user should follow the steps given below:

• On the browser, the user should open
• After that, the user should click “create account”
• If some other Google accounts have been taken into use, then the user will be given a chance to select an account
• After that, the user should choose to use another account given at the bottom of the screen
• Next, the user should go to sign in screen
• Next, should select for myself
• In the given fields should enter all the information asked
• The user may then need to enter a phone number for verification purposes
• After entering the phone number the user should click on “next”
• Then, the user should enter the sent verification code in the field provided for that • Then, should click on “next”
• After that, the user should agree with and should accept the privacy information
• Then the user should click on “next”
• For the view of the messages, the user should choose a layout.

Efficient use of Gmail:

• For sending a new Gmail message the user should click on “compose”
• The user should choose “star” beside the message in order to mark that as important
• For removing messages from your inbox, you should select the checkbox given beside the message.
• If a message has to be removed permanently, then for that the user will have to choose trash from the left pane, further, the user should choose “empty trash now”
• If one needs to sign out from Gmail, then for that the user will have to choose the profile icon from the top right corner and will have to select sign out.

Creating labels in Gmail:

In order to get labels created in Gmail, the user should choose the label icon while checking a message after that the user should choose from the options or should select create new for custom labels.

So, this is how the user can get started with Gmail, this is how, the user can get an account created and can then start using it. If other than this the user feels the need to know more regarding starting with Gmail or regarding the use of Gmail then, in that case, the user should get in touch with the team of experts at Gmail Help DeskNumber UK, also the experts can be asked for the required help through the option of live chats and emails. The users may get to deal with certain issues while using Gmail but with the help of the experts, the users can get through all those very easily lines are open for the users all the time they can connect with the experts as and when needed.