How to access Gmail on Mac?

Gmail is the leading email service in the cyber world right now there are many others as well but Gmail is counted as the service that is used by the largest number of internet users around the globe. It is so because of many reasons such as it is one of the oldest running email services therefore it is easily trusted as a secure email service by many. The other reasons include the advancement of features that are associated with this particular service.

But out of so many reasons one that makes this service the most preferable out of all is its compatibility with all types of devices and operating systems. The Gmail email service is well compatible with Windows operating system, Mac operating system, laptops, computers, Macs, I phones as well as androids.

But some of the users sometimes do get stuck while using Gmail on devices other than a device supported by the Windows operating system. It happens maybe because of the complicacy associated with the advances and techniques and features that are added to the Gmail interface regularly.

Here, under the guidance of the Gmail trained and certified technicians we will see the process through which a Gmail user will be able to access Gmail on Mac.

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For easy access of Gmail on Mac and for its smooth working on it the user should follow the given steps:

• On the device, the user should open “mail menu.”
• From the options, the user should click on the “add account.”
• In the mail account provider screen the user should choose “Google” after that should click “continue.”
• After that, the user should open the safari in order to get the authentication process completed.
• Further, the user should click on the Gmail email address and should click on “Next.”
• Then in the given field the user should enter the password of the Gmail ID and should click “next”.
• Get the two-step verification enabled and then enter the verification code in the field.
• Put all the permissions granted to Mac on the Google list and after checking them click “allow.”
• After that from the list of applications choose the applications that are t be synced with the Gmail account.
• After that, the user should click the option “done.”
• One can also get the calendar, contacts and the notes synced with Gmail.
• The added address would appear in the mailboxes section of the sidebar.

If other than all that has been told here, the user needs to know anything more than should get in touch with the technicians at Gmail Helpline Number UK.