How to ask for more storage for Gmail Account?

Now that Gmail and the Google Application accounts have been across for a few years, the promise of “never delete an email again” appears to be reaching its limits. In fact, for Google Apps users (yes, even the ones who are paying to use the servicing), the limit is a measly 25 GB of storage and you cannot go higher. Now, the question arises what to do if crossed the limit of that storage. Don’t worry, you are at the right place, here we will discuss the steps to ask for more storage for Gmail Account.

Purchase More Storage for Your Gmail Account

To see how much Google storage which you have left or to purchase more storage, go to the Drive Storage screen of your Google account. Follow the below-given steps.

• First of all, login to your Google Account
• Now, choose your profile image
• Then, choose Google Account
• After that, go to the Account Storage section to see the storage you have used and how much is the storage allotted to the account

How much is allotted to your account and choose Manage Storage

You will see a breakdown of how you use your storage by type

• To purchase more storage, it is recommended to scroll down to see available storage options
• After that, choose the storage plan which you want to buy and choose More Options to see more plans when you have made a choice and follow the purchase instructions
• If you don’t want to purchase more storage and also want to find ways to free-up your existing storage, scroll up on the Current Storage screen and choose to learn how to manage storage
• After that, explore the options that are available for cleaning your existing storage
• Beyond clearing the existing storage, there are some other ways to gain more storage
• If you don’t need your mail in one place, then forward it to different email service and when you do then, select an option which deletes the copy from your Gmail account
• Now, sign up for another Gmail account with the 15 GB storage and then, forward recent messages there. Now, use your current address with the new account

Then, download your mail to a desktop email program and then, remove it from the Gmail account. The message remains, but at the place of being online and taking up online storage space, messages are saved to the hard drive of your computer or an external hard drive

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Delete Gmail Junk

There is a fact that email doesn’t take up much space, but you know attachments consume space. Odds are, you have got plenty of old attachments sitting in your Gmail account that you don’t really need

Here’s how to get that:

• First of all, go to the Gmail website and enter “has: attachment larger: 10M” into the search box at the top
• Examine any messages with disposable attachments and delete them and (There’s no great way to get rid of an attachment without also deleting the linked email, unfortunately, but you can always forward a message back to yourself and manually remove the attachment before axing the original)
• After that, open your Spam Folder and then, click on the link to “Delete all spam messages now”
• And then, open your Trash folder and choose “Empty Trash now” to send everything away for good

Follow the on-screen instructions to buy more storage for Gmail Account and call on Gmail Support UK to get connected with the technical experts for instant and reliable support. The teams are available all the time to help you in any manner they can.