How to conduct Gmail security checkup?

Gmail is known for being the leading name in the market of email exchange, there are various reasons that are associated with it such as the service is very easy to be used also it is very easy for people to understand, other than that it is known among people as it is very safe and secure for everyone to use. Gmail is a service that is offered to people by Google. As far as the safety and security of the users are concerned Google has never left them disappointed.

But maintaining the safety and security of the Gmail account is ultimately the responsibility of the users themselves, there is a procedure called Google security check-up, that helps people in keeping an eye on the safety and security of all of the Google accounts, and Gmail is also a type of Google account, so for maintaining the safety and security of the Gmail account one will have to keep conducting Gmail security checkup at regular intervals, for all those users who do not know the exact procedure to conduct this security checkup here in the guide we will discuss it at length.

How to conduct Gmail security checkup?

Recent Security Events Review: Given below are the points associated with the recent security event review:

• Google keeps an eye on all the sign-in attempts that are made by a user from all the locations and all the devices.
• If a sign-in attempt is made through a new location or a new device then an alert is sent to the account holder by Google for verification
• The user should review the list of all previous applications on which the sign attempt has been made, also the user should click on the option “ don’t recognize event” if the user gets to see the sign-in attempt on some unknown device.
• Once the security measure will be applied the checkmark beside the section will turn green

Sign in and recovery methods: At regular intervals of time, people should keep checking their recovery email account, as that will help the user in the recovery of the lost Gmail account, without a recovery email address or phone number user will not be able to get his or her account back if lost. Also, it is through these security check settings that the user will be able to update the recovery details if ever needed.

Password checkup: In order to keep the Gmail account safe and secure the user should conduct a password checkup as well:

• The user should go to the bottom of the Google Security checkup page
• There at the bottom of the page should choose “password checkup”
• On the next page, the user should choose “check passwords”
• The user will have to sign in to a Google account through the password in order to keep the tool in proper working condition during the process.
• If there are any reused passwords or if there are any passwords that have been compromised then the user should get those passwords changed immediately.

So, this is all about the Google Security check-up or the Gmail security checkup that the user should know, if other than this the user still feels the need to know anything more than in that case the user should get in touch with the team of technicians, they can be reached for the required help at Gmail Helpline Number UK, also the experts can be connected for the required help through the option of live chats and emails there is no such technical issue related to Gmail that the team of technicians may fail to resolve the helpline is kept open 24*7.