How to create back up of all Emails in Gmail?

Gmail is one such service that is the most trusted and is the safest and secure as it comes to the process of communication through the internet, out of all the email services Gmail is considered the safest and the most trustworthy because Gmail is actually a service offered through Google.

Because of all of this Gmail email service is very popular among the people, and not just because of this but also because of the ease of use that is associated with the Gmail email service. But here as per the demand of the topic the discussion has to be about the process to follow for creating email back up in Gmail. We will see all the other details related to the backup created in the Gmail email service as that can also be helpful and important for the people.

How to create back up of all Emails in Gmail?

Need for creation of Gmail backups

Before getting into the process to create Gmail backups, one should be aware of the importance of getting it done. Keeping a proper backup of all Gmail emails helps the people professionally in many ways, through the backups; the people do not lose out on their important emails all the emails are kept safe. Keeping an active backup of all the Emails also helps with the easy restoration of lost emails.

As it comes to creating back up in Gmail the easiest way to get it done is through Google take out. Here further in the guide, we will see the process that the user should follow for getting the backup created.

• In the browser the user should open Google take out for using this user should be signed in to Google account.
• Then as the Google take-out screen appears the user should scroll to the right side of the screen in order to check the list of the data.
• Gmail slider should then be taken to the right side for the backup of the Gmail account
• Then from the options that appear the user should choose which emails are to be backed up
• Once it is selected the user should click on the “next” button the customized archived screen will then be displayed on the screen
• Through this screen, the user should choose the type of file, archive size, and delivery method.

Other than this, there are also other methods through which the user can get the Gmail back up created.

One of those other methods can be followed as per the steps given below:

• The IMAP access should be turned on
• The Gmail account should be added to the desktop Email client

Other than this, for the backup of all Emails in Gmail, the user can also take the help of the third-party Gmail backup utilities.

All those third-party utilities include the following:

• Upsafe
• Gmvalut back up
• Spain backup
• SysTools Gmail back up

If other than all of this information that has been given here regarding the Gmail backups, the user feels the need to know anything more than in that case the user should get in touch with the team of trained and certified technicians they can be reached for the required help at Gmail Help Desk Number UK, also the technicians are available at the service of the users through the option of live chats and emails. Also, the experts have been very well trained and also they are all very well experienced as it comes to the Gmail technical field so even if there is some other Gmail related issue that the user needs to fix then for that also the user can ask for help from the team of technicians.