How to define G Suite for education and what to know about it?

We all know the existence of G suite in general and also we know how useful it is, but not many of the people are familiar with the use of G Suite in the education sector, but there, also G suite is very useful for all types of online activities. It is not just about how G suite makes it all very easy for the conduct of the online activities but also it is necessary for all the educators to know at least the basics of G suite as that would help them in becoming a Google certified educator.

As an educator, if you wish to flourish then getting a Google certificate for yourself is the best way to get yourself promoted as people already have goodwill for Google in their minds and a certificate provided to you under its name would obviously be an added feather to your cap. In today’s situation that is the ongoing pandemic, the trend for online education has further taken a rise so at present even the market of all the online educators is also reaching new heights.

So, starting with the basics talking regarding the G suite for education we can say that it is a collection of free Google tools and services that are specially designed for the purpose of online class conduct at schools and home schools. It can be accessed by all the educational institutes that are running around the globe and are qualified to access it.

How to define G Suite for education and what to know about it?

In order to qualify for the access of G suite an education institute needs to fulfill the given requirements:

• The higher k 12 institutes should own a not for profit organization status.
• It should be an institute recognized by the government, it should own national or international certificates at the primary or the secondary or third level.

If it is a home school then it should be verified by the state home school organization.

The list of the Google applications that are included in G Suite core services are as follows:

• Google classroom.
• Google Chrome sync.
• Google calendar
• Google drive
• Gmail.
• Google Docs.
• Google sheets.
• Google forms.
• Google slides.
• Google contacts
• Google groups
. • Google keep
• Google task.
• Hangout chats
• Google meet.
• Jamboard.
• Google drawings.
• Google vault.
• Google sites.
• Google tasks.

If you need to know the details associated with the services that have been listed above then in that case you should get in touch with the experts at G suite support UK. Also, you can go there for help regarding the technical issues if you are facing any while using G Suite n any of your systems or any of your devices.