How to fix Gmail storage not updating issue?

Gmail has always performed its best and thus over the passing time it has become a Personal favorite email service for all users, the service interface design has been attractive and easy to be used always and also it has been very fast with its assigned task. The main assigned task of Gmail is the fastest possible exchange of emails among people.

But Gmail is not just about the fast exchange of emails, it is about much more than that there are many other things that are there associated with Gmail and those are also equally important but where there are so many things involved confusions are bound to happen, but with the help of some trained and certified technician s the user can keep all these confusions away the team is available at Gmail Helpline Number UK.

How to fix Gmail storage not updating issue?

As per the demand of the topic here, we will focus on the details related to Gmail storage, this storage space is a vital part of Gmail workings as it is in this storage where all the emails are kept safe so that taking a reference of the mail further becomes easier for the users.

Gmail Storage updating:

It is for sure that the people know about getting Gmail updated regularly so that they do not miss any of the exciting features associated with the service but Gmail storage updating has to be a bit different. The updating of the storage space would mean getting more space created for the emails once the storage gets full.

In order to get the Gmail storage updated the user should follow the steps as given below:

• In the search field, the user should enter has attachment larger than 10 M
• Next, the user should click “search” the user can replace the number 10 if more space is needed
• The emails should be chosen for deleting
• From the left side of the page, the user should click “menu”
• Next should click “trash”
• From the top, the user should click the option “empty Bin”

Once, the given procedure will be done stepwise it might take 24 hours for the Gmail storage space to be updated.

If even after this, the user feels the need to know more than in that case, the user should get in touch with the team of Gmail experts they can be connected for the required help as and when needed. Other than the issue of Gmail storage not updating the problem can be anything else as well but the experts have been trained in a way that there is no such issue related to Gmail that they may fail to resolve, for them resolving any of the problems would be just a matter of few minutes as they are all very well versed with the use of the technologies and features associated with the Gmail service, most of the technicians hold enough of experience in the field. So, we can say that the efficient technical support coming from the experts is yet another factor that adds to the popularity of the Gmail email service.