How to fix some common Gmail errors?

Gmail needs no introduction; it is the largest and well-known email service provider available. Many people are using this service with maximum satisfaction and with minimal hassles. Thanks to the number of features and benefits that Gmail offers, its users tend to be totally satisfied.

There are sometimes some cases when Gmail users have to face some common Gmail issues. Though, some of these issues are not big but they do interfere in the normal working of Gmail. This is where you can take help from Gmail helpline for getting accurate solutions for the issues faced.

Common Gmail Errors and solutions:

If you are looking for some instant solutions for some of the common Gmail errors, then here are some of them with their solutions. Just understand the problem and follow some simple steps to get rid of the problems and issues that you are facing. Let's start:

1. ‘Attachment Failed' error:

There are some cases when you encounter the ‘attachment failed' error due to which you cannot attach the required files in your email. If you too are facing this situation, then here are some different methods that will help you. You can try any of the methods and overcome the attachment failed error.

• Update the flash plugin
• Try using Gmail on some other browser
• Update your browser so as to use its latest version
• Disable the proxy server
• Switch off all the firewalls
• Make necessary adjustments in your network

2. ‘Error 500':

This is one of the most common errors which the users generally face when they are online. Whenever your internal server encounters an expected condition, it tends to fail in its performance and thus results in this ‘error 500' problem.

Here are some of the steps which will offer the required help:
• Clear all the cookies and cache of your browser by pressing ctrl+ shift+ delete keys.
• As soon as you clear these cookies and cache, the users can also get rid of many other problems that they face during the access of Gmail platform.
• Also, try using Gmail in safe mode with all the add-ons disabled
• Restart your computer after these steps so as to make sure that all the issues have been settled successfully. However, if you are still facing the same problem, then you should check your Internet connection.

3. ‘Gmail couldn't sign-in' error:

This issue generally arises when Google cannot recognize the user who is signing in to the Gmail account. This can be because of the reason that you are entering the wrong credentials during signing-in to the Gmail account.

Enter the exact and correct credentials in the login fields and try signing in again. If you have forgotten the password or username, you can also click on the option of ‘forget username/password'. Post following all the mentioned instructions, you can easily login to your Gmail account.

For any other assistance, you can always call and get help from Gmail Helpline Number UK.

4. ‘Something went wrong' error:

This problem or issue generally occurs when there is some problem with either the Internet connection or the available browser. To get rid of this issue, you should make sure that you are using an active and stable Internet connection. Along with this, you should also take care to clear all the cache and cookies from the browser.

Post completing both the above-mentioned requirements, you can restart your computer to make sure that all the made errors are fixed perfectly.

5. ‘Gmail won't load' error:

Due to some internal technical issues, Gmail won't load even when you try to log in using the correct credentials. Some people may think that this problem needs some series measure, whereas it can be easily solved by following these steps:

• Open Gmail without making use of any extensions
• Use ignition mode for opening Gmail account
• Clear all the cookies and cache from your browser
• Restart your system and try to login into your Gmail account again

Post following these steps, your problem will get resolved and you can again use Gmail's account without any hassles.

These are some of the common problems that you might face when using Gmail along with their suggested solutions. If you have any other issues or are facing any hard time with the accessing of Gmail, you can get in touch with Gmail contact uk anytime you need.