How to fix the problem if unable to turn off notifications in Gmail account?

Gmail email service has always been very easy for everyone to use and to understand out of all the modes of communication Gmail has over time emerged as the best way for establishing healthy communication around the whole globe.

Gmail has helped people in fighting against all distances very efficiently Gmail is one such service through which people can connect and can send and receive emails and messages instantly then and there. So, one can say that Gmail is one such communication service that should be counted among the fastest modes and means of communication.

But, though there are so many advantages and advancements associated with the Gmail email service and the service is very much easy with the process of using and also it is designed in a very user-friendly manner still there are certain technicalities associated with the workings of the Gmail email service that may get the user stuck into some sorts of technical glitches for a resolution to that the only way out is to take help and guidance from the experts available at Gmail helpline service number UK.

How to fix the problem if unable to turn off notifications in Gmail account?

There are various common issues that the users come across as they use the Gmail service all of those cannot be discussed in detail in one go so here we will only put our focus on the discussion related to the details and resolution of the problem unable to turn off notifications in Gmail account. The issue is these days becoming more and more common the Gmail users are often seen complaining regarding this issue.

For a resolution to this given problem the user should first of all, see if the background info is enabled in order to enable the background info the user should follow the given set of steps:

• In the cell phone, the user should open the device settings.
• The user should further click on the “Data usage link.”
• After that, the user should further scroll down to the Gmail account.
• Also, restrict data should not be enabled.
• The Gmail should be synced on WI-FI or any other available network.
• After that, the user should remove the Gmail account and should then again get it added on the device through the application.

In order to get this process done smoothly the user should follow the given steps:

• On the device, the user will have to open the settings menu.
• Further, the user will have to open the accounts tab.
• The user will then have to click the Google button.
• Then from the list, the user should choose the Gmail account and should get that account removed.
• Then as the last step of the process, the user should get the account added to the device once again.

So, following the given two sets of steps the user can easily get the issue of not being able to turn off unnecessary notifications in the Gmail account very easily. If other than this the user gets stuck with any other Gmail issue that is obviously possible then, in that case, the user should get in touch with the experts at Gmail contact support UK for all the needed help, support, and guidance. There is no such issue that may go beyond the capacity of the experts to resolve they have been gaining all the experience and have been working in the field of techniques for a long time now. The technical team is available at the service of the users 24*7 that is all the time also the experts can be easily reached for help and support through live chats, emails as well as phone calls.