How to recover a deactivated Gmail account quickly?

Gmail users should keep their accounts active by signing in to their accounts from time to time. Gmail takes care of its users and hence it warns you before deactivating your account. The deactivation procedure is taken by keeping account security in mind. In case, if your account is deactivated then, all you need to do is to recover the deactivated Gmail account.

You will need to follow a few steps to recover the deactivated Gmail account quickly. The steps are very simple to follow and hence, we are here with the exact methods. Make sure to keep a good internet connection and keep your account credentials ready.

How to recover a deactivated Gmail account quickly?

Recover Deactivated Gmail Account

You can easily recover deactivated Gmail account by following a few steps given below. An inactive account which isn’t logged in for a long period of time, will be deactivated.

• Go to in any browser and type “recover your Gmail account” in the search bar
• Click on the first result “Account Recovery” and enter the Gmail address for the deleted Google account
• In case of entering an incorrect email if, it will come with an error and enter the deleted Gmail address correctly and click on “Next”
• You will be asked to enter the last password linked with this account and enter the password correctly and then, click on Next
• If you have entered the correct credentials then, you will be signed successfully in the respective device with that recovered Google account

Now, you are ready to reactivate any deleted Google Account and for this, the first step you have to try is given below for any deleted Google Account. Hence, when you have deleted a Google account, you have to follow a few steps given below to reactivate the deleted account.

• Click on the URL Google Account Recovery appeared on the official website of Google recovery page
• Now, enter the deleted Gmail account address, and then, you will see the message “This account was deleted recently and might be recoverable”
• There you have to click on Next to try to recover this account and then, click on the option “Next”
• Enter the last remembered password for this deleted account and then, click on “Next” and it will finally display you a message that showcases a success prompt

The above-given step works in case if you have remembered the last password perfectly and if you don’t remember the password, and then you have to follow the steps as mentioned below:

• When you click on “Next” then, you will see the box that asks you for the last remembered password and because you don’t remember the password, so click on the option “Try another way: appears at the bottom left corner
• Without your password, you will have two options to recover the account that is through your Mobile number and through the recovery email address
• You have your phone number already and then, you have to choose the option “call” or “text” and there, you can click on the option “I don’t have my phone”, to use the recovery email ID and to receive the code

The same thing might repeat for the recovery email address and you will need to confirm the recovery email ID to move ahead

• After that, choose either of the option to check your identity in the case, you have to choose “text”
• Now, enter the code correctly in the space provided option to resend the code as well, and then, you have to click on the Next and then, set the new password
• When the set the new password, click on the “Save Password” and finally you will see a new prompt mentioned below:

“Success – you have undeleted your account and changed your password”

“Secure your account now and update the recovery option”

When you are done with the above-given steps then, you are all set and call on Gmail Customer Support UK and get in touch with the experts for instant and reliable assistance. The technical experts are always there to serve you best in any manner they can. Because they are updated with all of the Gmail-related issues and errors so they will assist you better.