How to resolve Gmail error code 101?

As we all know Gmail is the best and the most used email service for the exchange of emails among the people around the globe, Gmail email service is no more in need of any sort of introduction it is the service that is easiest of all to be used when it comes to email service.

Also, if we talk about the basis on which all these types of email service work we must admit that Gmail owns the most advanced technical set up and also it offers the users with the best bunch of various advanced and updated features that enable the Gmail user to use it in many ways other than just the exchange of emails.

But as there are so many technicalities involved in the workings of the Gmail email service then, in that case, some or, the other technical glitches may appear during the running of such services. The errors and issues associated with the Gmail services may appear as some error code or the problem can also be as basic as login. The solution to these problems often becomes an issue for the people from non-technical backgrounds, so here for all such users who belong to the non-technical backgrounds we will discuss everything associated with the Gmail error code 101 as that is the most common error code that comes as a display on Gmail.

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What is Gmail error code 101 all about?

This particular error code is faced by those who use Gmail through the application on their android devices, as this particular error code is related to the update and download of the application. This particular error code occurs when the user tries to update and download the application from the Google play store on the device.

Now that we know what is the error code all about, so let us now move to the resolution of the same.

For resolving Gmail application error code 101 the user should follow the below-given steps:

• The user should open the Gmail account and then click on “settings.”
• Further, from the settings menu, the user should click on the option “accounts.”
• Further, the user should choose the Google account and should enter the email address.
• Further, in the next step the user should click “menu.”
• Further, the user will have to choose the option “remove Google” from the on-screen list.
• The Google account should then be added back again.
• The Google play store will again be back to normal working.

The process given above is the easiest way to get the given G mail error code resolved if other than this there is some other problem associated with the Gmail set up that needs a fix then, in that case, it is advised to the user to get in touch with the team of trained and certified technicians they are available for help and support at Gmail support number UK.