How to search sent timestamp on Gmail Messages?

Gmail shows the time which has passed because a message was sent. This is very ideal most of the time but you might want to know the exact date and time, specifically for older emails that only have a date. You can check the time and date on Gmail messages for any details for any further modifications.

We are here with the exact ways to check sent timestamps on Gmail messages. Apply the below-given steps one by one to check the time and date of Gmail messages. Make sure to use a good internet connection to do so.

How to search sent timestamp on Gmail Messages?

Check an email was sent in Gmail

Have a look at three different places you might be reading your Gmail message and how to see the true date of the message in every scenario.

From the Desktop Website

• With the opened message, hover your mouse over the time/date
• Wait for the exact date and time to appear and for instance, if the date shows as 10 August then, hovering the mouse over it will reveal the exact time of email when it was sent like 10 August 2020, 07:04 PM.
• Another way to do this on the desktop website is to open the message and after that, click on the three vertically stacked dots next to the reply option (Known as More)
• After that, select Show original and find the time stamp that appears next to Create at

From Gmail Mobile App

To see when a message was sent in the Gmail app and for that,

• Open the message you want to see the date for and you will need to see below the sender’s name and next to the recipients and tap on the down arrow to show more details
• These details include the sender’s email address, your email address, and the full date the email was sent

From Inbox by Gmail (On Web)

As of 31st of March 2019, Google has discontinued Inbox by Gmail and the users will then be directed to the advanced Gmail version.

• Open the message in the Inbox by Gmail and then, hover the mouse cursor over the date that appeared in the header area. The full time and date will appear there
• To check the timestamp in the original message, you have to click on the three vertically stacked dots that appeared next to the date.
• In the end, you will need to choose Show Original

Another Way to Track Time and Date on Received Emails

First of all, launch a Web browser, you have to locate the email service and log in by using your email and password if you are using a Web-based email system like Yahoo or Gmail. Else, you can launch your email client like Microsoft Outlook 2010 for instance.

Choose the folder which includes the received emails that are usually labeled “Inbox”. Make sure that the folder that is appeared by default after your login to your email account is commonly the Inbox folder.

After that, choose the first email which you want to track. Although some platforms appear the date and time of each email in the emails list, all email platforms will have appeared when you opened the email. It applied to Microsoft Outlook 2010 also

Now, you will need to locate the time and date on the received email. In Web-based email systems, it has commonly appeared just next to the sender at the top of the email, but sometimes it is at the bottom of the email. In Microsoft Outlook 2010, it has appeared at the top of the email in the Sent section.

Arrange the emails after the date and time and most web-based email systems, and Microsoft Outlook 2010, are able to arrange the emails after the date and time.

Follow the steps to check the timestamp of the sent email and you can get in touch with the experts at Gmail toll free number UK and get instant assistance regarding the same. Technical experts will always help you out.