How to set a size limit for Gmail messages and attachments?

Like most of the email providers, Gmail has come with a limited size of message and file attachments as well. With this limited size of messages and file attachments, you can easily send and receive messages. You can learn about the Gmail attachment restrictions and get across them by using both the web version of Gmail and the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

You easily can set a size limits for Gmail messages and attachmentsand for that, we are here with a few steps to do so, also, we will discuss the exact way to attach files normally and in confidential mode as well. First of all, let’s move ahead with the message and attachment size limits in Gmail and for that, follow the below-given methods.

How to set a size limit for Gmail messages and attachments?

Set Size Limits of Message and Attachment in Gmail

Gmail procedure messages up to 25 MB in size and this limit is applied to the sum of the text of messages and the encoded attachments. Encoding makes the file size quite larger, therefore if you have a file that is exactly 25 MB, it will not go through.

Sending emails larger than 25 MB from Gmail yields an error. Messages sent to the Gmail account that exceeds the limit bounce back to the sender. You can attach any type of file, but you have to make sure that the size limit should be most video and audio formats and the large PDF documents with hundreds of pictures. Still, there are options to send large files through Gmail.

Send and Receive Larger Files with Gmail

The simplest way to work around the message size limit is the built-in to Gmail. You can choose files by using Google while composing a message

• You have to choose the Insert files by using the Drive icon that appears in the bottom toolbar (a triangle shape icon)
• Now, choose the Upload tab and if the file you want to share is in your Google Drive, choose the file from this screen, then choose Insert appears in the lower-left corner
• Then, click Choose files from the device and choose the files you wish to share, or drag-and-drop the files into the window
• After that, choose Drive Link and choose Upload and complete composing the message and then, choose Send
• Now, choose to Send again in case, if you will be asked to grant access to the file and the recipient receives a link to download the file or check it in a web browser

A quick way to attach a file in Gmail

• First of all, go to Gmail on your PC and click on Compose
• Click on Attach appears at the bottom
• Now, choose the files which you want to upload and click on the Open

Tip: Add an image by dragging it into the Compose window directly

Quick ways to remove an attachment

• To the right of the attachment name, click on Close (cross icon)

Send attachments using Confidential Mode

If you are using Gmail with a work or school account then, you should contact the admin to ensure that you can use confidential mode.

• First of all, go to Gmail on the PC and click on Compose
• Now, click on the Attach icon and then, choose the files which you have to upload
• Click on the Turn on confidential mode appears in the bottom right of the window
• If you already have turned on confidential mode for an email then, go to the bottom of the email and then, click on Edit
• Set expiration date and passcode and these settings impact both the message text and any attachments
• If you choose “No SMS passcode”, recipients using the Gmail app will be able to open it directly. Recipients who don’t use Gmail will get emailed a passcode
• If you choose “SMS Passcode”, recipients will get a passcode by text message and make sure to enter the phone number of the recipient and then, click on Save

Follow the above-given steps to send attachments normally and in confidential mode. Also, in case if you are having any trouble then, you will need to contact Gmail Help Number UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any assistance regarding Gmail-related issues and errors.