How to set up Gmail on iOS and Android devices?

Gmail is not only an ordinary email service but it has become one of the best and most popular email services across the world. It is compatible with all devices and browsers as well. The app version of Gmail is applicable for Windows, Macs, Android, and iOS as well. Android and iOS users require being set up their Gmail account for a better experience.

We are here with the exact steps to set up Gmail on Android and iOS and for that, follow a few steps given in this post. We will discuss the setup procedure on both the devices one by one and you will need to apply the steps as it is given.

How to set up Gmail on iOS and Android devices?

Setup Gmail on iPad and iOS

Apple devices allow you to add a Google Account to access the services in native applications such as Mail and Contacts and many other Google products. This is quite different than installing the Gmail app and signing into The Google Account. Follow the instructions to do so-

• First of all, tap on the open the Settings app and scroll down and then, tap on Mail
• After that, tap on Accounts appears on the following screen and tap on Add Account
• Tap on the big colorful Google logo and you should not miss it
• Now, tap on Continue appears in the pop-up window to allow the Settings app to access
• Enter the Google account address or phone number and then, tap on Next
• Now, you have to enter the Google Account password and then, tap on Next

This is the time to enable and disable everything which you want to synchronize and then, tap on Save that appeared in the top-right corner

Add a Second Gmail Account in Android device

The condition with Android is that in the contrast to iPhones, not all devices have matching interfaces. That plays a role in the curse and beauty of the open-source platform that allows you to personalize anything on your Gmail account. It means that any guidance and directions that Google offers might not resemble the things which you can see on the device. This is the reason, that we are here with the exact steps to set up Gmail on Android devices.

As if you have already signed into your Primary Google account on your Android phone that it provides and this step is imperious when setting up the device. Follow a few steps given below to add a secondary account through the device settings. When that is finished, then you will need to open the Gmail app and add that second account if you didn’t yet decide on the quick ways to add it by using the device settings method.

• First of all, you have to drag a finger down from the top to expand the Notification Shade fully and after that, tap on the Cog icon and it will open the Android settings panel
• Now, scroll down and then, tap on the Accounts and then, tap on Add account on the following screen
• Tap on Google and then check the identity by using the face, finger, or PIN
• Now, enter the Google Account address and then, tap on Next and enter the Google Account password and after that, tap on Next
• Tap on I Agree on the Terms of Service screen of Google and if asked then, add a credit card for purchase or tap on No Thanks
• When it is finished then, you will be returned to the Accounts in the Settings and you are all done

You are all done with the setup procedure of Gmail on Android and iOS and in case, if you are facing any issue then, contact gmail Phone Number UK and get connected with the experts for instant assistance regarding the same. The technical experts will let you know about the exact steps of doing any changes in Gmail on your devices.