How to sort unread messages in Gmail to keep them at the top?

Gmail has been the first choice of the users ever since its existence, as Gmail brought with itself all the safety and security measures that are considered important when it comes to an online service like this, that is used for the purpose of communication as it is very much important for the people to keep the communications and the conversations well protected, if someone would get into any person’s conversation then that would be a violation of not just one but two people’s privacy and that is not in any way acceptable. These kinds of privacy breaches can further put people into serious troubles as through them they may end up losing important confidential data into the wrong hands.

So, it is very much important for people to have in use email services like Gmail as with this particular email service people can be very sure of safety and security. Gmail is not just about safety and security it is also known among people as it is very easy to be used, in Gmail, one can decide the inbox design layout of a particular Gmail account as per his or her own comfort that makes Gmail favorite for people around the globe. By the inbox design layout settings, it is meant that people can sort unread messages in Gmail to keep them at the top or they can set the inbox in some other order also as per their own comfort.

However, here in the guide, we will see the process to be followed for sorting unread messages in Gmail to keep them at the top as that is the most preferred inbox layout design among the people for Gmail inbox.

How to sort unread messages in Gmail to keep them at the top?

In order to set this Gmail inbox layout the user should follow the steps as given below:

• On the browser the user should open the “Gmail page” further should look for gear icon on the page that usually appears in the upper right corner
• The user should click that icon and should choose “settings”
• Next, the user should click on the “inbox” tab given near the top of the page
• Next, the user should choose “inbox type” and then from the drop-down menu the user should choose “unread first”
• After that, the user should go to the” inbox” sections
• There the user should look for “options” given right next to “unread”
• As the last step, the user should click “save changes “
• As the user will then go back to the inbox there will be unread messages appearing on the top.

If one keeps the unread messages at the top in the Gmail inbox, then that helps the person in keeping an easy track of all the Gmail messages, there are fewer chances that the user will miss out on any email sent to the Gmail account.

Gmail email service is not just taken into use for thee personal conversations, but also it is taken into use for the fulfillment of professional and business-related communication needs, and none of the users can afford to lose out on those email messages that are related to business or profession, so this sorting out of emails in Gmail for keeping the unread messages at the top is a good trick for all the businessmen and IT professionals as this way they will never be able to leave any email unread. The Gmail experts are available at the service of the users at Gmail Customer Care Number UK; also they can be connected through live chats and emails 24*7 for any further information or help in relation to the workings of the Gmail email service.