How to troubleshoot Gmail taking too longer to load?

Gmail is the easiest of all the services to be used for the exchange of emails and also it is the safest and is really fast with the whole process, of online communication, therefore it is seen that most people prefer Gmail for their email related needs even though there are many other competitors available for the users to choose from.

Talking further about the Gmail email service one can say that it is very easy to be used and also the user interface design of the service is such that it is very easy to be understood and thus in no aspect there is any other email service that can be better than Gmail. But as there are many technologies and features involved with the workings of the Gmail email service the users sometimes do get stuck with some problems and errors. Here, in the guide, we will see resolutions for one such very common error that is Gmail taking too long to load.

How to troubleshoot Gmail taking too longer to load?

If Gmail is taking too long to load then to get the problem resolved, the user should try the resolution steps given below:

Bring down the number of emails in the display: By its default settings Gmail shows 50 email threads, the user should get that reduced to half, less number of emails will take less time to load.

Delete unnecessary emails: The user should check the inbox, and should get all the unnecessary unimportant emails removed from it, this will help Gmail in loading at a faster pace.

Disable web Clips: In order to disable web clips, the user should go to the Gmail settings there should get them disabled from the web clips page.

Turn off Buzz: If the buzz feature of Gmail is of no use to the user then the user should get that feature turned off, this will save Gmail from extra loading work and as a result, the service will be able to load at a faster rate.

Use Gmail labs optimally: The user should only enable those features in Gmail Lab that are needed, all the unnecessary features should be kept disabled

Disable browser checking: By default, Gmail checks the browser of the user every time before loading, in order to check if it will be able to work fine with all its features on the browser. But this only consumes more energy of the service and thus makes it slower to load, so the user should get it disabled.

Use https: The user should always load Gmail from a direct URL that is https, people are often seen loading Gmail from http but that way it will take time to load as that is not the direct URL.

Basic HTML Mode: If the bandwidth is low then in that case, the user should use the basic HTML mode of Gmail.

Use Mobile version: If your bandwidth is really low then in that case you should be using the mobile version of the Gmail service. It will surely load very fast and thus the problem will be resolved.

Browser cache and Cookies: The browser cache and cookies should be cleared at regular intervals, this helps in loading all the websites very fast on the browser.

If other than all the information that has been provided here, the user needs to know anything more related to the problem of Gmail loading slow or taking too long to load then in that case the user should get in touch with the team of trained and certified technicians at Gmail Help Number UK. The lines are open for the users all the time; the experts are also available for help through live chats and emails.