How to Troubleshoot Some Common G Suite Issues?

G suite is actively helping the people with the easy organizing and sharing of all the data associated with the Calendars, Gmail, drive, docs, sheets, G suite is a product of Google that was launched in August 2006, G suite is a free service offered by Google to the people also it has the features through which one can easily get the emails customized as per the domain of the company.

As an included feature G suite also offers unlimited cloud storage depending on the number of members using it and the plan that is being used by them. G suite is an easy to use thing but since there is an inclusion of various advanced technologies therefore sit is not at all possible to get through the use of G suite without facing any sort of technical glitch at any point of time and resolutions of such technical glitches can only be found out under the guidance of the experts available at G suite support number UK.

Here, under the guidance of the same experts, we will look into the resolutions of some common technical issues that are faced by the G suite users.

Credit card billing failure Emails- This particular error comes when G suite fails to authorize the financial transaction made by the user for a resolution to this the user will have to validate and update the credit card details. This procedure should be done within the time frame of 14 days.

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For updating the card related information the user should follow the below-given procedure:

• The user should open the account user interface and should click on the site that is to be edited.
• Then in the home menu should click on “settings” in order to open the menu.
• In the settings menu, the user should click “Billing and account”
• Further should click “Billing” and should click “credit card.”
• The new information on the card should be entered in the field provided.
• All the information should be checked and the user should then click “save.”

Domain verification failed- The request for domain verification appears wherever a user logs in G suite if this request appears then that means the domain is blocked due to some reason temporarily.

In order to get this problem of verification resolved the user should follow the below-given procedure:

• The password should be removed from the home page that can be re-added later once the problem is fixed.
• The user should open the site availability panel and should set it to the public.
• The home page should be enabled.
• The user should be careful that the demo page is not the home page.
• If it is a third party domain then the user needs to ensure that the connection is properly established.
• The primary domain should then be changed to the domain chosen for the G suite email address.

This process will get the domain unblocked once it is done then the user should move to the process of getting the domain verified.

For the verification of the domain the user should follow the below-given procedure:

• The user should open the home menu there should click on “settings”
• Click on the option “Email and G –suite.
• Then under the section “Google couldn’t verify domain” section click “Try again.”
• The browser should be refreshed.

After that, the user will be able to smoothly access the G Suite account, if still needed then to know more it is advised to connect with the experts at G suite help number UK.