How to troubleshoot some common Gmail issues?

Gmail is one powerful and useful platform for most of the users for all their daily needs. Despite the many awesome experiences that the Gmail users experience, there are some issues that may some troubles at times.

But it is said that all the problems have a solution, even the issues faced with the Gmail platform also have their dedicated and effective solutions available. Here are some of the common Gmail issues that the users may face and also the effective troubleshooting solutions that they can try.

1. Adding another email to Gmail app:

You can add both Gmail and non-Gmail account with the Gmail app. These are the simple steps that one needs to follow for adding another email to Gmail app (both Android users and iOS users):

• Select the Gmail app icon from your home screen
• Click on the menu button and then from the various available options choose the account name option
• Next click on the 'add account' option
• You will be asked to choose an option for set-up email and thus you can click on ‘Google' from the available options
• Use your fingerprint or the mentioned pin to confirm your identity
• Next enter the username and password and then click on the next button available on the right bottom
• As soon as you click on the next button, your email will be added to your Gmail app and will appear in the available list

2. Changing Gmail notifications:

Carrying the troubleshooting steps for changing the Gmail notifications is quite simple and can be carried with proper care. Here are some of the steps that can help you to deal with the issues faced with changing the Gmail notifications:

• Open the Gmail app on your device
• Click on the menu option available on the top left side
• After this, click on the settings option
• Under the setting option, click on your available account
• Under your account, click on the notification icon and then select the desired notification level
• Click on the inbox notification option in the next step
• Once, you have clicked on this, next choose your own notification settings, including its sound levels as well

Post following all these steps, it will be quite easy for you to make the necessary changes in the Gmail notifications without facing any hassles.

3. Google calendar event creation:

Before moving to the troubleshooting steps, here are some of the things that you should check:

• You have an active Internet connection
• Make sure you are using an updated Google calendar app
• Be sure that the calendar app is synced and has enough storage
• Be sure that new entries are being added to the calendar app

If, after check all these conditions you still are facing the problem, then here are some of the steps that can bring the needed help when you are facing the problem with the calendar event creation.

• Open your device's setting
• Click on the apps or apps and notifications option
• Under this, click on the app info option and then select a calendar from the many options
• Next click on storage and then clear data and then on the ‘okay' button
• Clear data from the calendar storage app as well for better results
• After following these steps, turn off your device and restart it again to make sure that the changes are applied properly

These steps will clear all the unwanted storage space associated with the calendar app and then you will be able to create the Google calendar events again.

4. Fixing sync errors:

If you are facing sync errors and are looking for the troubleshooting ways to fix them, then here are some of the steps that you can follow:

• Open the setting of your device
• Tap on the account option
• Now from the available options of accounts, choose the one account which you want to sync
• Now click on the ‘account sync' option for that account
• By clicking on the more option, you can choose the sync now an option as well for starting the account sync process immediately

If you still face the problem, then check the following things:

• Check if the auto-sync option is on
• Make sure that you have a working Internet connection
• Look for device updates
• Remove and then re-add your account
• Clear all the cache and data from your device