How to unread a conversation or single email on Gmail?

Gmail has a simple interface that allows you to use this service very easily and conveniently. One can easily use this email service for a professional or personal emailing job. One can easily mark a conversation or single email as unread on Gmail. Make sure that you have a good internet connection and you are following the steps correctly.

In the middle of an email thread, it is awkward to stop responding. If you are glancing at a Gmail conversation and don’t have time to respond, you will need to keep that particular email in the threat in mind and appeared in Gmail so that you can continue reading further. We are here with the exact steps to unread a conversation or single email on Gmail and for that follow the steps given below. You can mark the email unread or star it perhaps or based on a hidden Gmail gem which allows you to mark thread unread only from a particular email onward.

How to unread a conversation or single email on Gmail?

Mark Individual Email Unread in Gmail

You can mark an individual email message Unread in Gmail and for that,

• Make sure that the conversation view is disabled and to disable the conversation view, choose the Settings gear icon that appears at the top-right corner of the Gmail
• After that, choose See All Settings appears in the menu that comes up
• Go to the General tab and under the Conversation view section and choose Conversation view off
• Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and then, press Save Changes
• Find and check or open the desired email and then, press More in the toolbar appears on the right side of the Window
• After that, you will need to choose Mark as unread

Mark Conversation Unread in Gmail

To mark as unread only the part of threat or just the latest email in Gmail-

• First of all, open the conversation in Gmail and make sure the email in the thread which you want to mark unread is stretched
• If you cannot see the email then, choose the sender’s name and preview and you also can choose to Expand all to the right of the thread
• After that, choose More denoted by the three-vertical dots that appeared next to the Reply in the Message’s header area
• Now, choose Mark unread from here from the menu and you can also mark the complete thread unread, and of course, by stretching it and choosing the More option in the toolbar
• After that, choose the Mark as unread to mark them complete thread as unread

On iPhone

Mark as unread

• Make sure that you have downloaded the Gmail app
• On the iPhone or iPad, you will need to open the Gmail app
• Open the email (if you want to stay in the inbox, tap on the sender’s profile image)
• In the end, you should tap on Unread appears in the top-right corner

Mark as Read

• First of all, make sure that you have downloaded the Gmail app
• On the iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app
• Tap on the sender’s profile image appears next to the message which you want to mark appears on the left
• In the end, tap on Reading appears in the top-right

Mark all message as read

• Open Gmail on the computer and you cannot mark all emails as read from the Gmail app
• Click on the Down arrow icon All appears in the top-left
• After that, click on More appears at the top and then, Mark it as read

Here, you are all set with the entire procedure to mark a conversation or individual email unread on Gmail. Call on Gmail Help Phone Number UK and get in touch with the technical experts to know if there is an error occurred again.