How to use Gmail Dark Mode and Confidential Mode?

Google Added a dark theme to Android 9, but it was a half-measure that only worked on a short apps and functions list. Gmail app was not on the list and but with the Android 10, Google has amped up the dark theme to increase its functionality and app compatibility. Gmail has become one of the most demanded email services across the world.

Gmail launches a new theme like Dark theme and one can easily customize themes as per your need. Apart from this, you have a confidential mode that is used to send private emails. We will discuss Gmail Dark Mode and Confidential Mode one by one.

How to use Gmail Dark Mode and Confidential Mode?

Enable Dark Mode on Android

There are two ways to go Dark on Android and the first is to toggle the dark theme on for the entire phone. Gmail automatically will switch to the new theme and the second is to choose it manually within the Gmail app itself. We will move ahead with both methods and for that, follow the steps one by one.

Activate Dark Theme on Android Settings

One way to make Gmail display in the Dark Mode is to activate the Dark theme on the Android device:

• First of all, open the Android’s settings on the device
• Now, tap on the Display option and toggle the Dark Theme option On
• After that, an app that is compatible with the mode should do so automatically. If you have decided to disable it then, you will need to follow the same instructions but toggle the Dark Theme option off.

Quick Ways Activate Dark Theme in Gmail

If activating Dark Mode on the device doesn’t automatically make Gmail display by using a Dark theme, you can enable that manually and do so-

• First of all, open the Gmail app and then, tap on the hamburger menu that appears in the upper-left of the screen
• Tap on Settings and then, tap on General Settings
• After that, tap on Theme and then, choose the Dark option

Use Gmail Confidential Mode

Confidential emails can be sent to other Gmail users of those who actually use a different platform like Outlook, iCloud, or Yahoo Mail

Send Emails in Confidential Mode in Gmail

It has become easy to send email in confidential mode in Gmail. And for that, you have to stick with a few steps given below. In official Gmail website,you can send emails then and you have to use the confidential mode in the Compose Window.

• All you need to do is to choose Compose option
• At the bottom of the compose Window, you have to choose the Confidential Mode icon
• Now, select when the message will expire and then, choose to Save and your options are one day, one week, one month, three months, and five years as well

For additional and strong protection, you have to choose SMS Passcode to need recipients to enter a code that is sent in a text message to their device before opening the email

• After that, choose Save to get back to your email with the Settings which you have chosen
• After doing this, write your email and then, send it as usual

Use Confidential Mode in Gmail App

• First of all, choose Compose and choose the More icon (three horizontal dots) and choose Confidential Mode
• Now, tap on the link under Set Expiration to choose a time before the message deletes. The options will be the same One day, One week, one month, three months, and five years
• After that, choose an option that appears under Require Passcode to add more security to the email and when this confidential feature is on then Google will generate a passcode that the recipient must have to enter to read the email
• Tap on the Checkmark to save and to get back to the composition screen and there, you have to compose the email and then, choose Send

Here you are all done with the Gmail confidential mode and Dark theme and to get connected with the experts, you have to contact Gmail Help Desk Number UK and get in touch with the experts for any assistance regarding any other theme and many more.